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Can a vampire prolong a kiss for pleasure?

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    Originally posted by Wingstorm View Post

    Wait... When is blood "addictive" to a vampire? They need it yes. It gives great pleasure from feeding yes. But outright addictive?

    Isn't it unrealistic that a self-control roll is needed every time a vampire feeds? After all, if blood is so "addictive" to all vampires, why won't a vampire just drain every last drop of blood in a kine each time they feed?

    2/3 of all feeds would end up with a dead kine?

    How is the masquerade not breach at all?
    I can see what pang4 is going for here, and it seems quite reasonable.

    Not to get too nsfw, but irl human men sometimes may want to... extend certain activities. In human males, one might think about sports scores, or try to recite all the monarchs of England. For a vampire in a ttrpg, the equivalent might be thinking about feeding from a rotting pig, or reciting their own lineage... represented mechanically as a self-control or composure (stamina? resolve?) roll.

    The roll wouldn't be needed for every feeding, just those in which the vampire is trying to extend the feeding.


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      Nosimplehiway so that’s why he got that far away look in his eye right near the end...

      Sorry. Couldn’t resist lol. But for real, that’s a really good idea. I also think extending the feeding could be a good way for a vampire to keep her Herd enraptured by the Kiss. You know, by making it feel like less hurried and mechanical.

      “No one holds command over me. No man, no god, no Prince. Call your damn Hunt. We shall see who I drag screaming down to hell with me.” The last Ahrimane says this when Mithras calls a Blood Hunt against her.


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        Originally posted by Nosimplehiway View Post

        Yeah, it would, which is what makes it more complicated. Rouse checks are a probablistic price, so it's harder for an average vampire to figure out how their personal blood management works.

        Let's say three vampires of the same generation and blood potency all have either Hunger 5 or zero blood points (as appropriate to the system), and they each fully drain one human of equal size and health. The vampires are careful not to spend blood other than waking up.

        In V20&pre, all three vampires continue to rise each night as normal, at the cost of one bp. They all run out of blood the tenth time they awaken from a daysleep. Noticing the pattern? Easey-peasy. (btw, a graph of this would like a straight, sloping line.)

        In V5, there is a much larger set of possible outcomes. The likeliest outcome is the blood lasts them all about ten days. But, if one (or all!) of them roll abysmally, they might run out in five days. Or, if one (or all!) of them roll brilliantly, they could... in theory... stretch that blood out for weeks and weeks. Oh, it's unlikely, but one of them could, in theory, make it last a month or more, if their player has loaded dice. (btw Graphically, the possible outcomes makes a curve with a very, very long, slender tail.)

        Real world metaphor: imagine your landlord offered two possible schemes for your rent. The first is a standard 1000 per month. The landlord is a betting man, however, and is willing to make a special arrangement. The rent would be 2000 per month, but each month he'll flip a coin. If it's heads, you owe nothing; tails, you pay. In the long run it's the same price, but imagine making a household budget under those circumstances.

        It is much less likely that a vampire who lacks a background in the maths or sciences would figure out the Rouse check system, while the average lay vampire probably has at least a gut understanding of blood points.
        thanks for the math! I guess what I was implying is that the supernatural aspect of the Beast (as mechanically probabilistic with Rouse checks) makes it difficult for a vampire to rely on an internal blood bank. I think this is one big reason why Ive gravitated to V5, it should not be a simple math of 'blood points'. I like your analogy of the landlord; for a vampire that landlord is the Beast, and it should never be reliable when this supernatural liege has control of your hunger.


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          If we go by the V5 rules, safe drinking can take an entire scene. A scene is a variable amount of time depending on the character doing all he needed to do at a specific location. So yes, a vampire can absolutely stretch out the feeding and pleasure for a long long time if he or she wants to. Even by Revised rules, I think X amount of blood points per turn bit is more related to the *maximum* that can be drawn per turn, not a fixed amount.