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What city should get a book next?

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  • What city should get a book next?

    As per title, what city would you like to get its own by night book next and why?

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    Copenhagen. Because Denmark.

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      Mexico City, ideally with writing and art by Latinx people. A formally pagan city, formally Sabbat city, now a somewhat Camarilla City.

      Either that or Hoboken.


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        A place with an an unfamiliar sect or combination of sects:
        • Rio de Janeiro - Sabbat/Camarilla
        • Naples - Anarchs/Hecata
        • Somewhere in the former Soviet Union - Whatever's left of the Brujah Council/Whatever they had before/Whatever came after - For that purpose, a historic book might be more appropriate, but the right authors could write about the city as it is now.
        • An Ashirra city. Again, I don't know where to start.


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          Vienna because it would be interesting what exactly did the 2nd Inquisition to my homecity and the country.
          Linz because it is the home of Karl Schreckt and should get finally described.
          Berlin because it is an Anarchcapital and the capital of Germany.

          As I am from Austria I need to clarify two things.
          First my native language is german and so please point out if the english I write is broken so I can improve.
          Second I do not own VTMV nor any line after M20 because it is not out there and I wait for the translation.


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            Detroit or Miami, as I've always been a little surprised they were never done back in the day.

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              the first city



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                Any non-american city to see what happens in the rest of the world.
                Fall of London can not be seen as a City by night book

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                  LA By Night by Jason Carl with all of the characters from his game.

                  Or Washington D.C. by Night.

                  Actually, I think a better idea would be to do a book of say, 5 cities with just the major players of both.

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                    Cities that already had a book:

                    -Washington DC: A nominally anarch city ruled by a Lasombra Methuselah besides being the capital of the USA. I think there's a lot of interesting stuff going on here and a lot of potential to evolve the setting as a whole.

                    -Los Angeles: I want the show status quo to be aknowledged. It's a more traditional anarch domain but now it is contested by the invading Camarilla and that's really something that changes the usual dynamic of these things as the Camarilla normally is the sect that gets "sieged".

                    Cities that never had a book:

                    -Milan: Giangaleazzo's coup was the prototype for the Lasombra's mass defection from the Sabbat and now he's one of the fewLasombra princes holding domain over an important city (the other styilg himself as an "anarch emperor"...). That and the new status quo with the Hecata make the city very interesting to me.

                    -Moscow: There's just a lot of ground to uncover there, from the fall of Baba Yaga to the potential of conflict with the lupines. Most of it was never explored in depth before so it's exciting.


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                      Originally posted by CTPhipps View Post
                      LA By Night by Jason Carl with all of the characters from his game.
                      Hard pass.

                      Or Washington D.C. by Night.
                      Do this. This city has enough old lore and new changes to build something dynamic.

                      Actually, I think a better idea would be to do a book of say, 5 cities with just the major players of both.
                      This is an interesting direction for it; basically the city as a setting and something like the leadership (Prince and Primogen for a Cam city).

                      I'd like to see something South American so we can see Drowned Legacies. I'd like to see something Eastern European to hit 'old places of the world' for Gehenna Crusade content.


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                        With a few notable exceptions, the By Night books were atrocious disappointments. I only found Chicago By Night and Montreal By Night to be useful. Whatever flaws they had, what they did right was so good it more than made up for it. I had a few friends who were extremely fond of one or two of the other By Night books, but those were never consistent (one liked DC a lot, another LA, and a third New Orleans) and they were not supported by others. The rest were utter dreck that no one was found of. My general review of them was that someone picked a city, spent a few hours in the library looking up important landmarks and city history events, xeroxed a tourist map, and then dropped their own PCs and the PCs of their friends in some homebrew campaign and called it a day.

                        In my opinion no matter what city is chosen, the following must be done in order to write a successful book:
                        • The history of the city needs to be expressed in the vampire NPCs of the city. Around half of the NPCs should be natives to the city at different time periods, so we can see how the city changed in the lives of the NPCs.
                        • The NPCs need to be interesting in the sense of how they are useful in showing the setting to the PCs. I thought far too many city NPCs in published books were obviously of the category "this is the writer's favorite PC". They were quirky and powerful, but nothing about them screamed "this city" or were of a nature I thought they were a good tool for the ST in running the game.
                        • The city's history needs to be relevant to the current setting of the game. At any point in time of that city, we should be able to visualize the vampires of that era and think they "fit". We don't need to be told that vampires did certain actions that caused real historical events (though used judiciously and with taste, this isn't bad). But we should be able to see how events or trends were used as covers for vampire relevant events like praxis seizures, anarch uprisings, Sabbat crusades, successful vampire hunts, changes in primogen leadership, etc.
                        • The NPCs should be varied and interesting enough that an ST has good hooks for any potential plot they want to run. That means covering a lot of the general hooks of vampire that players are often interested in - someone who can help someone on the path to Golconda, someone who can connect the PCs to a rival sect, characters that embody one of the classic conflicts of the game (Anarchs vs Prince, Camarilla (in sense of Justicars, Archons) vs Prince, Prince vs Primogen, Loyalist Sabbat against Conservative Sabbat, character upset that X happened in history vs character happy that X happened in history).
                        • The idea of secret Methusalehs influencing a city was old hat after the first Chicago By Night book. Avoid it entirely. However, I do think it is an important for the book to have some kind of central mystery that explains many strange and unusual events in the city as a "chronicle tentpole". Just make it new and interesting.
                        • The setting acknowledges that there are more supernatural present than just vampires - and therefore clears out certain places or organizations as belonging in the domain of something else whether it be mages, lupines, wraiths, hunters, etc.
                        • The book should serve as "tool box" in the sense it teaches the readers how to run a particular style of game or event. CbN showed us a weak prince that appeared strong (Lodin was weak via the Primogen, but appeared strong to neonates). DCbN showed us a strong price that dominated his Primogen. Show us something else. LAbN failed in showing an interesting anarch city. So maybe we get a city that is actually interesting. Or show us a city chronicle that is meant to go through the stages of a Sabbat Crusade. Talk us through the various steps and how the Bishops are planning each phase, so the ST can know how the PCs can aid or thwart it. Or show us a city where Archons operate, and how that interferes with the other vampires in the city. Or a city with a "reforming" Prince who is trying to change things. Or how a Conclave actually works and can be run by an ST. Or a city with an incredible threat to it (Lupines, Inquisition, Independent Ghouls on a rampage). There are lots of things that can be done. What a "tool box" does well is teach the readers by example of how to create your own city of that kind.
                        • Don't waste space on a prolonged single "story" in the book. Many potentially good sourcebooks were ruined when a lame plot took up half of the book. Several pages of interesting city plots based on NPCs and unique conflicts of the book are fine. Even needed. But I don't need half the book taken up with a verbose plot railroad.
                        • Coterie charts are essential.
                        • Ghouls are often neglected in the game. Make sure they have their own section, and what "ghoul life" is like in case playes want to play a ghoul, or ST wants to run a ghoul campaign. Or even just cool things that might be done with the NPC ghouls of a character's background.
                        • Don't make metaplot important. But it is OK, even encouraged, that important elements of vampire history be reflected in the NPCs of the city.
                        I think it would work best to select a city not already having a By Night book. Best to strike new ground.

                        I will not be buying it of course. I consider V5, like the Revised era Metaplot, to essentially be fan fiction. Maybe good and interesting fan fiction at times, but it only represents a particular person's chronicle. And while I might find it fun to play in, it does not represent an official canon to me. So unless there is something particularly spectacular (cool NPCs, a great chronicle tentpole, effective tool box, etc.) I won't be buying it.
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                          Originally posted by Jackob View Post
                          Copenhagen. Because Denmark.
                          That could be potentially really cool with Christiania as an Anarch zone, it has a lot of promise. Like is it a Cam city with an autonomous Anarch center in Christiania or the whole city in control by the Anarchs by now?

                          Budapest might be another neat spot to cover, it being at an edge where both the Cam and older Tzimisce have an interest, but probably better to wait until they do the reveal on whatever the Sabbat have been up to.


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                            Copehagen would also be interesting in that it's half an hour, a sea straight and an international border away from another city. I do think that Black Fox has a point and that Copenhagen might not have quite the right sort of history for the current setting, in terms of how human trends and events would be reflected in the city's Kindred.

                            I don't see any European city getting a By Night book, as interesting as it could be unless it was a new Anarch domain with entrenched elders displaced.

                            Tijuana/San Diego could be interesting or El Paso/Ciudad Juarez.

                            I'd like there to be a Kyiv or Trieste by night.


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                              Damascus by Night: War, Gehenna crusade, Ashirra, Camarilla comandos, Sabbat guerrillas, ancient creatures awakening...