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  • [Game] Pitch a Chronicle

    Just for funsies.

    You have a single post to pitch a Chronicle to a hypothetical group of players.

    Describe the premise, the location, and the kind of themes you'll want to deal with.

    Try to keep it brief.

    Author of Cthulhu Armageddon, I was a Teenage Weredeer, Straight Outta Fangton, Lucifer's Star, and the Supervillainy Saga.

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    Born on the Bayou

    Inspired by: Mafia III

    Premise: The player characters are a bunch of Vietnam veterans who got a little too drunk one day and ended up being Embraced by a gang of Dixie vampires who planned to burn them in a shack in the Louisian Bayou and fake their deaths. The Dixie vampires were chased off by the Sheriff first and they awaken to the thirst as well as confusion. A bunch of unclaimed Caitiff, they are immediately under an implicit threat of a Blood Hunt by the Prince of New Orleans.

    The turbulent 1960s are the setting with the Anarchs planning to overthrow the Camarilla while the Camarilla battles itself with those who want to maintain their Old Money Antebellum-esque existence (or French plantation depending on the Elder's age) versus those who want to modernize with the new sources of money in the city. The players are hired as mercenaries, hitmen, and rogues by whichever faction is in the city.

    In the end, the players will find themselves in the middle of a four-way war and can choose to side with any faction they want or attempt to take the city for themselves.

    Themes: Racism, Change, The Civil War, 1960s
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    Author of Cthulhu Armageddon, I was a Teenage Weredeer, Straight Outta Fangton, Lucifer's Star, and the Supervillainy Saga.


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      Cool thread! I'm in!

      Tortuga by Night (V20)

      Inspired by: Pirates of the Caribbean

      Premise: The setting takes place in an odd Camarilla Domain on a small island city in the Caribbean, inspired by the fictional pirate den's Tortuga. Founded during the Golden Age of Piracy, the city is notable for having very few members from the 13 Clans, most of its vampire residents coming from bloodlines and other small Clan factions. Voodoo spirituality plays an important role in the Domain of Tortuga, and its leaders are Samedi, Lasombra mystics followers of the Baron, and the Setite Voodoo sect the Serpents of the Light split from (which were originally a split from the Children of Dambalah). There are lots of Laibon Legacies present among the large population of African descent of the city. Tortuga is known to accept any and all comers, so rumors of Anathema hiding in the city often bring Camarilla Archons to keep tabs on the Domain - which could at any moment go Independent or Anarch, given its bizarre characteristics. There is also a strong Sabbat presence punching to conquer the city, led by the Serpents of the Light. A heavy crossover with Wraith: The Oblivion and the setting of the Mirrorlands and the ghosts known as Les Invisibles can also be explored through the Voodoo religion. Rumors also circulate regarding magical artifacts and lost Blood Magics from Native vampires awaiting to be unearthed.

      Players have the unique chance to play characters from any bloodline, the oddest the better. Gargoyle Sheriff, Salubri Harpy, Laibon Primogens, Tlacique Scourge, Kiasyd Keeper of Elysium, etc.

      Themes: Many themes can be explored, from "serious" ones like social consequences of historical slavery in the Caribbean, or issues of faith and religion and vampire spirituality; to more adventure-based, inspired on fantastic takes on piracy from movies, updated to modern versions.
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        (Stealing from my Ages of Darkness thread.)

        Dark Cabaret

        Inspired By: Call of Cthulhu's Berlin: The Wicked City sourcebook, and 1920s German films

        Premise: The PCs are all neonates, all alive during the majority of the Great War and now making their way in the decadent and chaotic Weimar Republic, and the city's thriving night life. The Prince is distracted by the political upheavals and threats from the Primogen, and the city is crawling with un-presented neonates and newcomers, blood cults, Anarchs, Sabbat, Infernalists, and witch hunters.

        Themes: Decadence, Uncertainty, Rebelion

        What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
        Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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          Freedom in the Baltics.

          Premise: the year is 1990, the players are all neonates in the Lithuanian* Soviet Socialist Republic, which isn't going to last much longer. The Old Guard aren't ready for this, the elders are losing control, what was once a safe an ordered, if very corrupt, totalitarian system will soon give way to "democracy" and cities run by criminals; New officials remain corrupt, Gangs will intimidate residents, people struggle to eat more than potatoes, packs of hungry dogs will roam the streets, and the barely standing USSR will be making threats till it's collapse. Things will get far worse before they get better.
          But for A neonate? What a time to be alive (or undead, whatever). New opportunities, new positions, many many chances to get power and settle grudges. The powerful of the city are mostly ancillae (due to the war and occupations killing off most of the elders) so anyone can make a grab for power.
          Proximity to the Baltic sea and Catholicism bring Lasombra, Fortress-like apartment blocks and soviet city planning enable the Tzmisce and their fiefdoms, and the Baltics are home to that particular variety of Tremere. The vibrant old towns offer attractive domains, but the cities offer viable possitions anywhere, leading to contests where vampires are hit down but not out. But if vampires don't play the game now, they'll lose out when things calm down.

          *you could set this game in Latvia and it wouldn't make much difference.
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            Premise: Life as a vampire in the Mid-West is tough; the cities are shrinking, the Sabbat is constantly edging in on the territory that your coterie has managed to carve out for itself, and the Princes of places like Chicago, St. Louis, and Kansas City all think that you should bow and scrape in gratitude for their not simply taking what's yours. But a series of unexpected events leads to great tragedy, and then to even greater opportunity. But it is going to mean heading back to the Old World -- with an emphasis on the word Old. Your coterie now has something that is of deep interest to the ancient Princes of Europe, and the only way to capitalize on it is to head overseas and try to navigate a twisted labyrinth of relationships: romances, confidences, enmities, grudges, betrayals, secrets, and promises... almost all of which are older than even your sires. Along the way, you may come to understand some things about the "elders" of the New World... things that can help advance your cause when you return.

            If you return.

            Location: Initially in Peoria for the first few stories, then off to Paris, Rome, Istanbul, Vienna, Athens, Budapest, Cologne, and Valencia... and who knows where else?

            Theme: Intrigue, mystery, and a "fish out of water" story.


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              A GRACEFUL EXIT:

              Premise: You are all part of the Camarilla in the city of Bucharest -- a city that has slowly been surrounded by the Sabbat over the last forty years, and now represents the last stronghold of Camarilla strength in the northern Balkans. After years of carving out a secure unlife for yourselves, there has been bad news. Word has come down that the Justicars have decided that the city is no longer worth defending, and will meet soon to declare it a lost cause. Many of the elders and primogen of the city are in a panic, and everyone is trying to find their way out, except for a few stalwarts among the Brujah and Tremere who think the situation may be salvageable. The Prince has been oddly quiet, while Sabbat raids and scouting parties are growing more frequent. The fall of the city seems inevitable -- it may very well be just a question of how and when and who will survive. What will your coterie do in these circumstances? Attempt to sway the great powers of the Camarilla? Rally a desperate defense of the city? Betray the city to the Sabbat, or perhaps attempt to forge a peace treaty of some sort? Attempt to secure a landing place somewhere else? Whatever it is you will do, do it quickly.

              Location: Bucharest, and then... well, figuring that out is part of the story.

              Theme: Fatalism, Desperation, Intrigue, Violence


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                Clue: Vampire Edition

                "What do you mean, MURDER?"

                Premise: The player characters are invited to the Prince's New Years Eve ball in much the same way as Baptism by Fire with it being done at a beautiful but isolated location in a rented mansion. The player characters are late arrivals and there is a selection of the local Elders and Primogen among a few other notable guests. That's when THE PRINCE IS FOUND MURDERED, staked through the heart, decapitated, and his body burned with a fast-acting accelerant.

                The parody of Clue is obvious but what is more interesting is that this is handled in typical Kindred fashion as very few people actually care about SOLVING the Prince's murder. Indeed, most of them are powerful enough to assume that the murderer was just making a play for the Prinecdom themselves. The PCs have to solve the murder because as the weakest and most expendable Kindred there, they're prime scapegoats. Indeed, the only reason they're not blamed to begin with is everyone is too busy making alliances as well as plotting deals to see who will benefit from this most.

                The PCs can find out the real killer or they can ally with one or more of the factions inside in order to benefit themselves. Quite a lot of the Elders present are happy to bribe the PCs if they finger their enemies ("Phrasing!") rather than who was actually responsible.

                Possible Murderers

                * The Prince committed suicide and hopes to get the Primogen to tear itself apart.
                * The Prince's abused Thin Blooded mistress did it and is hiding among the ghouls of the party (and thus is beneath suspicion).
                * The PCs actually did it, they were just Dominated into it by the Primogen who are all faking this as a surprise.
                * A Nosferatu that is hiding in the secret passages, attic, and cellar. He was Blood Bound to the Prince and served as a spy until he finally shook it off.
                * The Second Inquisition did it and are monitoring all of the House via cameras, microphones, and other hidden devices. They will probably knock off other members throughout the night to test Kindred reactions.
                * The Prince isn't dead. He's secretly got Vicissitude and fleshcrafted a body double for himself. He's taken the form of the butler and sees whose loyal and who is not. He may plan to defect to the Sabbat, the Anarchs, or seek a less stressful position as an Elder elsewhere.

                Location: An isolated mansion in the middle of the woods far from the city. Possibly snowed in or difficult to immediately leave unless you're a Gangrel.

                Theme: Corruption, political intrigue, secrets

                Author of Cthulhu Armageddon, I was a Teenage Weredeer, Straight Outta Fangton, Lucifer's Star, and the Supervillainy Saga.


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                  Wodin's Chosen

                  Premise: 730AD Join the Brujah Einharjar Wulfstan and his crew to lilberate the Kingdom of Vingulmark (Modern Oslo) and overthrow the High King Svartahaf who usurped the throne from the rightful king Erik Arnsun using a dishonorable ambush and assistance from other Cainites. Travel along the Volga river to raid for booty and slaves to trade and fight some local Tzimisce to take what they have. Optionally, seek out artifacts and Runic magic and find allies to help you around the Baltic and North Sea. Raid other ports and towns for more booty and hire more boats and troops to build an army. Once the group is ready, head to Vingulmark and attempt to convince the Einharjar Jarls that control the surrounding villages to support you, eliminate them or betray Wulfstan to the High King and help destroy his army. Some of the Jarls support the High King, others were purposely not let in on the plan to overthrow the rightful High King due to their support for him, a few were even killed and replaced with those loyal to Svartahaf. They could also betray Wulfstan after Svartahaf has been deposed and try to take Vingulmark for themselves. If they aid Wulfstan or Svartahaf, they'll be made Jarls of some of the villages nearby. When that's resolved they can continue raiding or do other things, even go to Constantinople for trading. A raid on Constantinople would be ill advised, but if they want to try it, let them.

                  Skip forward to the 9th Century and the group can perform raids in France and eventually participate in the siege of Paris. Attempt to overcome the resistance there, make a deal with the Cainites or just attempt to murder them. Continue raiding and eventually have the possibility of being settled in Normandy to protect the region from other Viking attacks.

                  Location: Scandinavia, Volga river basin, Northern Europe.

                  Theme: Warfare, travel, possible intrigue with the Jarls and Paris Cainites, Norse mythology and vikings.

                  I had run a game that had 2 branching paths in 730AD, go with the Viking Brujah or the Toreador from Massilia. This was the branch they didn't pick.


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                    Blood Ties

                    Premise: The players are all siblings who were embraced by their mother at various ages. The family comes under threat after a chore from Mom goes south and the assailants in the dark seem to know more about their family than they should. Mom still has plans despite the setback and so the siblings have to find out who these assailants are and what that has to do with Mom's plans. All the while the siblings, to various degrees, chafe against their familial bonds.

                    Either Toreador or Ministry for the clan.

                    Location: Anywhere really, but best in a city.

                    Theme:Family, Abuse, Decadence/Degeneracy, Intrigue.


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                      Under Cover of Darkness

                      Inspired By: Spy Fiction, Cop Fiction, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Heart of Darkness, Aleister & Adolf

                      Premise: The PCs were agents of government, law enforcement, and intelligence, chosen some years ago to act as undercover sleeper agents within Kindred society. They were turned by captured vampires - who Embraced them due to coercion, promises of reward, or even patriotism - and set loose in the vampire world. Intended to insinuate themselves among vampires, to gather information and act an as a set of embedded assets.

                      Depending on ST preference, there are two ways this Chronicle could go:
                      1. Active Project: The assignment was recent (possibly recent enough the PCs need to acclimate to being vampires and work their way into being accepted from the ground up). The government conspiracy might be small (like SAD or a similar faction), or it might be the full blown Second Inquisition. The PCs are on intel-gathering missions first and foremost. Only interfering where unavoidable, or when their handlers decide it's in the interests of the nation to manipulate the vampire status quo. (Probably in such a way as is advantageous to the governmental status quo). They'll need to balance their loyalties to their masters, to the vampire Sect they're infiltrating, to any vampire friends/allies they make along the way, and to their own Humanity.
                      2. Co-opted Project: The program the PCs were recruited to serve has been dissolved or destroyed since they were sent undercover. The PCs were unaware of this, and have spent a period of no less than ten years operating as sleeper agents. No contact, in either direction. Suddenly, they are activated, new handlers giving orders to begin working to manipulate the system in a certain Domain. (They may not have even been unliving in the same area, but moved to the city in question as per orders; this may also be the first time the PCs have met one another). In truth, they now serve different masters, who discovered the program and co-opted it for their own ends. In addition to the above, the characters must be made to question just what kind of interests they serve, and whether their handlers are who they say they are.
                      Location: Camarilla, Anarch, or Sabbat city (dictates tone of Chronicle)

                      Themes: Paranoia, Espionage, Loyalty, Secrecy, Intrigue, Politics, Mystery, Idealism, Sacrifice, Humanity Loss


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                        Long Live the King

                        The party are backing Harold Godwinson and his claim for the throne of England. They convince him to take the bulk of his forces to South England - he had wanted to leave them in North England to deal with invasions there - to battle William the Bastard. In so doing, Harold defeats and kills William. This secures, for a time, Harold's hold on the throne and England. This also leaves the party as some of the most influential vampires in the Kingdom... for the moment. They are also in uncharted waters.


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                          In the Shadow of the Sun King

                          Inspired by: Guy Davis's The Marquis, The Man in the Iron Masque, French Baroque art and architecture

                          Premise: The PCs are relatively established neonates among the Kindred courts of Paris and Versailles during the later part of the reign of Louis XIV. There is a vast amount of intrigue, both personal and political, going on among vampires and mortals, with the two often overlapping or intersecting. Besides the dangers of Elysium and the continuing possible threat of the Inquisition, Paris is a hotbed of secretive mystical societies (some of whom are potential hunters) and even more secretive Infernalists. Even worse is the sudden resurgence of the young Sabbat, fresh from their grand conclave at the Black Monastery along the Swiss border. This is a period for clever courtiers, dashing musketeers, politically oriented priests, talented artists, scholars of the Enlightenment, and strange alien worlds among Paris's catacombs.

                          Themes: Elegance & Style, Danger & Intrigue, Faith & Knowledge

                          What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
                          Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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                            The Mark of Caine

                            Inspired by: The Mark of Cain, The Hurt Locker, The Green Zone, The Warriors, Apocalypse Now, Where Men Win Glory (Pat Tillman story), The Odyssey

                            Premise: The characters are members of a National Guard Unit in Iraq, who separated from their unit are attacked and Mass Embraced by a Sabbat pack fighting the Gehenna War. Before the Sabbat can complete their Creation Rites, the pack (or kamut) is attacked by a terrible nemesis. The PCs are thrust into a world they don't understand, unable to to return back to their base and hunted by all sorts of foes. They must make it home against all odds, navigating a distant war zone with mortal, Kindred and other enemies on their heels. Even if they survive Iraq, the journey home is equally fraught with peril, whether its a long, arduous journey across the territories of different nations, a difficult journey across the sea and the dangers in ports which are the domains of other Kindred. Placing their home state somewhere in the middle of the country (say, Illinois) makes the journey through the Outlands and numerous Kindred domains a risky proposition. Once home, they're still not free of the curse, the Mark of Caine and the repercussions it brings in trying to have a normal life with those they love.

                            Themes: The Horrors and costs of War, A search for peace, survival
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                              Burn it to the Ground

                              The coterie are neonates and ancillae vampires, working for their sires, manipulating things at energy giant Endron when the company implodes in 2007. The party, and their masters, were not the only ones manipulating the company and skimming money. However, the party is largely left holding the bag in the Camarilla community - and many others want their money, which is long gone, or to simply blame the coterie for their own involvement in the collapse of the company. The group has a lengthy list of enemies, and very few allies. But they do have useful information, should they find someone willing to listen.

                              What do they do?