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    I am a novice ST,

    I have only done 1 one shot in VTM and butchered it XD

    I have been learning the rules of the game and have most of the general mechanics under my belt, but here is the crux of my issue.

    Chronicle Planning.

    1) How to make a Chronicle
    2) How to make a Chapter (is it something predetermined in terms of plot or is it just the name for a session of play?)
    3) What to do if players don't follow the plot
    4) How much writing or prep to do for the chapters, overall chronicle and SPC's
    5) What to do if your PC's like killing things (everything and everyone)
    6) Is VTM an explorable game? like how in DnD your able to search forests, caves and towns. Is that sort of thing possible in VTM considering most of it is set in a modern timeline?
    7) Is VTM a "only follow the plot" game?
    8) What to do if the Cotorie encounter, lets say 6 humans with Baseball bats, do i need to make a character sheet for each of them or 1 generic one for all 6?

    the Core book answered none of my questions (probably didnt see the answers XD) and youtube videos didn't help.

    Any and all help explanations, tips, tricks, advice, guidelines in making me a good storyteller would be greatly appreciated.

    I have lots of ideas for chronicles but i have no idea how to write or structure them