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    Originally posted by CTPhipps View Post

    It's fine, I've asked several questions related to Lucita in media and often make fun of myself regarding being her fanboy.

    Hilariously, Dixie from Onyx Path had the same bit.
    Aight, sounds good - just wanted to make sure everything was kosher in that regard. Sorry about making a thing of it.


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      The Withering and Beckoning

      * I actually did this in my V5 game.

      Why is the Kindred nation falling apart?

      For millennia, the Elders of the Camarilla and Sabbat have been able to keep control over the Anarchs due to the simple raw power they wielded both through their Disciplines as well as their vast network of agents. The invention of automatic firearms helped even things out in a few places (mostly places where such were readily available) but even that could not make it so a 6th generation Prince was vulnerable to a 13th generation one.

      This has all changed in the past ten years as the power of Elders and even Methuselahs have dramatically weakened. Elders who could once reach across continents to control their progeny find themselves reduced to having the same level of power as a dedicated Ancilla. Even centuries old vampires close to Caine find themselves with no more strength than those of the 8th or 9th generation.

      The Withering is the worst sign of Gehenna for Elders as it means that even those who felt they would be powerful and able to resist the ancients are stripped of anything that makes them invulnerable. It also effects their networks of power as well with Ventrue, Lasombra, and Tremere networks collapsing in on themselves. People dominated for decades or even centuries suddenly snap out of their control to lash at their former masters.

      The Withering has been kept a secret from all but the oldest of the Camarilla as it is barely noticeable for American Elders and those embraced in the past two centuries. It has, however, had consequences that are becoming apparent in their magnitude. Anarch revolts that would have been put down easily just a decade prior have succeeded. Ancient vampires over a thousand years old have fallen prey to the fangs of their distant rivals. The Thin Bloods have managed to form into a faction versus being stomped out wherever they emerge.

      Some have suggested that there is a cure for this condition and it requires venturing to the Middle East in order to answer a distant call of an ancient power. Those who believe in Gehenna believe they will be judged by the Antediluvians and either devoured or restored to their full power. Others believe this so-called "Beckoning" and perhaps the Withering as well is just the work of the Assamite Ur-Shulgi, wielding his near limitless might and call for the US military to bomb Alamut into the ground.

      Others turn to folk remedies like diablerie of Kindred or the feeding of Thin Bloods in order to sustain their powers. It is known that both can potentially ward off the Withering's worst effects but the costs for one's humanity are considerable. Once humane Kindred have degenerated to becoming rampaging cannibalistic beasts, which only continues the spiral of irrelevancy. Once vast alien geniuses are becoming no smarter or cunning than the smartest human--and that might as well be the smartest termite when trying to out-think the ancients.

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        Sorry about the quiet here folks, I’ve been off the forums with dome hectic irl stuff, but I’m back rn so lemme get out some responses.

        As for the Set & everyone’s fave Egyptian Darkness Serpent, it comes back as so much does for me to Multi-Resonance Layered Reality. We have Set & Osiris as vampires, primordial Mages, Gaian spirits, firstborn fae, higher umbra spirits, lower umbra spirits, as well as quite potentially both literal demons and literal gods. Which for me, I can square the circle of making that work for my purposes in running WoD, but I also totally understand why others may prefer other routes.

        I’ve actually been working on some ideas regarding Vienna and the Tremere Schism as well which I’m gonna work at gathering my thoughts on and post a bit later I think.

        Using rituals to adapt blood pool to hunger is interesting SarcasticJazzyhands, I don’t think that’s something I would have thought of! You’ve got a lot of really interesting ideas and I don’t think I can reply to each of them right now, they do feel like really interesting ways to go about things.

        That’s also a really interesting take Black Fox, I’ll need to give that some thought myself about how I handle Set.

        The Withering & Beckoning is one of the elements of V5 that I’m the most torn about because I do appreciate its ability to clean the slate in many cases where I feel WW went overboard with the elders and methuselahs, but it’s also a balancing act for me because I don’t want to use it to shake up the setting super hard, just polish off some rough edges and perhaps add a twist which plots can be built upon as a mysterious call to the places of the ancients. It’s one of the ones I’m still thinking about a great deal.


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          There's a withering in V5?

          Regarding the beckoning... that's one of the things of V5 that's really... a neonate perspective, not what's actually going on. Nobody's being beckoned, that's just an excuse to explain the mass hiding of elders for political reasons.

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            Originally posted by MyWifeIsScary View Post
            There's a withering in V5?

            Hence why it's in a V20 thread.

            Author of Cthulhu Armageddon, I was a Teenage Weredeer, Straight Outta Fangton, Lucifer's Star, and the Supervillainy Saga.


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              Very interesting post, Black Fox.

              In a sense, it's not so much Vampire:the Masquerade itself creating problems with Set, it's the other lines, because they tend to be much more clear-cut. The Setites' clanbook was much more open to interpretation compared to Mummy's telling of events.

              Heck, for all we know, the Followers' Antediluvian is a serpent-shifting ginger from Greece named Typhon, who wandered into Egypt once and then the local priests, mages, and Fera began identifying him with the local god of foreigners, Set.


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                Originally posted by SarcasticJazzHands View Post
                Here is some of the head canon I am using for my current game. We are currently in 1999, using V20 rules. Once this current story arch is completed, we will do some down time wrap up of what the groups current characters are doing over the next 20 years, and then playing the same city, but in modern time using V5 rules.

                Blood pool -> Hunger
                Various blood plagues over the years have change the interaction between vitae and human blood. The latest was caused by Baali during the Week of Nightmares, which is capped off by the solar Eclipse of September, 1999 ( which coincides with the battle of Ravnos)

                Using inspiration from the forums here, several koldunics including Dracula attempt to lessen the connection that Kupala has over their blood magic, and the corruptive influence he wields over Vissiccitude. As a result of the ritual they perform, non Path of Metamophosis vampires (and anything else) that were touched by Vissiccitude have that taint literally pour from their body, semi sentient. The blobs try and form together to recorrupt things around them. This begins an internal battle of wills for many Tzimisce, where the younger members of the clan begin to question and defy the still corrupted elders. The clan will eventually fracture, with the Tzimisce defecting from the Sabbat and the still corrupted Assuka remaining loyal.

                Another unintended consequence of the above ritual occurred in the Tremere. Because they had originally used Tzimisce blood in their rituals to make themselves vampires, they suffer greatly during the purge. Internal politics leads to infighting, with the added complication of the clan's blood so changed to deny the creation of blood bonds, allowing greater autonomy and free will among the clan.

                Hardestadt is Ventrue, continuously reinventing himself in a younger generation. Always viewing himself a Shepard of humanity and the other clans, he created the Camarilla to do just that. Seeing the direction the sect was going, the rising human hunter movements, the Anarch movements and the rising Thin Bloods, he, approaches Jan Piertezoon and Theo Bell with a proposal. The current status quo is stagnating, and needs to be reinvigorated. Theo Bell will kill Hardestadt publically, galvanizing a figure the Anarchs can rally around and give the Anarch movement new life blood. The Camarilla will consolidate around the majority of the historic High Clans.

                The founding clan see the strife and infighting of the Tzimisce, and begin to look inward for direction. Many take pilgrimages to the Abyss, some of them encountering a powerful, destructive entity. Some of the clan embrace the being, while other shun it, leading the the schism and defection of many Lasombra to the Camarilla

                After the 4th civil war and the defections, those that carry the banner of the Sabbat are touched or corrupted in some way. These can be the Assuka, the Shalimite Lasombra, infiltrating Warrior Assamites with hidden loyalty to Ur-Shilgi or more openly infernal Baali and apoostates. The sect seems to have no unified goal, with those claiming to be Sabbat sometimes fighting amongst themselves more so than agaisnt the Camarilla or Anarchs.

                Church of Caine
                Those former Sabbat still cling to many of their ideals and notions, taking the Sword of Caine and redirecting it. Members of the Church instill themselves into both the Camarilla and the Anarchs.

                Not fully trusting the Inner Council when they demanded access to, a dummy .net was created and handed over. Once it was seen that the Camarilla leadership was leaking selected information to the Second Inquisition to squash their opponents, the Nosferatu as a whole "defect" from everywhere. Publically, they remain a part of the Camarilla, retaining a seat on the inner council. Privately within the clan, it is even more so Clan above Sect. The assumed nature of the Niktuku as the servants of Absmiliard isn't quite qccurate. Absmiliard hates all of his children equally. The Niktuku are those Nosferatu that keep other Nosferatu from attracting his attention. They will seek out an destroy Nosferatu that become too famous or garner too much attention.

                The master of illusions, performed the greatest slight of hand and distraction. Drawing the attention of the Technocracy and the spirit nuke, they are attempting to realize their goal of transcendance by becoming a yama king by using the irradiated chi created in the nukes wake. The remnants of the clan redouble their efforts of hunting and erradiating demons and Keui Jin.

                It is during one of the cyclical Gehennas, the one of 1999, that many other changes occur. it is in the aftermath that you see the rise of the Thin Bloods, along with the more mutability of the blood and vampiric powers.
                Wait what did V5 do to the Blood pool/hunger Thing?