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Why isn't there a tv show about vampire the masquerade?

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    Originally posted by Kharnov View Post

    "Kindred: the Embraced" is the absolute best kind of utter garbage, and I will go into the void with it, kicking and screaming, before I ever let be forgotten :P
    I feel the same way about the Super Mario Bros movie.


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      It was SO cheesy. Everyone had to pronounce their clan when monologuing at other characters. The Ventrue elder's name was Archon. And all the primogen except Thompson's character lived together in the prince's house.

      It did have its moments though, like when the Nosferatu showed up to scare the Brujah mob into backing down from their coup attempt. And the reveal of the Assamite assassin.


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        V;TM as a TV show suffers the same issue as the attempts to adapt AD&D to a movie (Mazes & Monsters or the various Dungeons & Dragons movies) the core property is about giving people a frame work to make their own stories. Thus each gaming group is playing a slightly different genre and style of game, rather than having one central story which needs to be adapted. So there is no way to represent all those views of V:tM in one show or movie.

        There are too many clans and bloodlines keep things simple enough for a non-gamer fan to keep straight and the too much background lore sift through to not require a Game of Thrones level of adaptation. Basically too many characters, too many aspects to portray and deal with. Sure you could introduce them over time, but you still have to get enough of that unique lore across in the first season to make the series stand out from other vampire series.

        Of course this doesn't even touch on the special effects budget if you consider what some of the various disciplines can do. I mean sure you can do work arounds like how Kindred the Embraced handled vampires transforming into wolves by having the actors lower themselves off frame and cut to a wolf scampering off, similar to what they did in True Blood. But that won't work when clans like the Tzimisce, Lasombra, and Gangrel start using their disciplines full force in scenes. Heck just getting things like the Nosferatu and Samedi clan weaknesses right with practical effects is going to be time consuming and expensive.

        Heck just making certain decisions about the state of the world will deeply affect how such a show will be received by audiences. For instance if the writers decide to go with the suggested vampire population ratio, that means your average city will have fewer than 6 total vampires there, so there wouldn't be enough vampires to have a Prince, Primogen, harpies, etc. It would just be the story of essentially a single coterie running a city.

        On the other hand if the writers amp up the vampire population numbers to the point where there a dozens of neonate coteries running around, you have a full set of primogen running things under a prince and all the other social stuff from vampire LARPs, then you start seriously having to question how the city still has living humans running around at all or trying to figure out how the city in not surrounded by hunters or lupines 24/7.

        Of course all I have been talking about is the technical aspects of adapting the game information faithfully to a tv series. V;tM by its very nature is inherently transgressive since it deals with darker subjects and uncomfortable realities. The writers would have to take surpassing care with how they handled characters and storylines. For instance it would be ow hanging fruit to write a vampire character who was an escaped slave from the southern plantation during life, but it would take a more skilled hand if the vampire was an african Barbery Coast Slaver who was sailing up the European coast looking for white slaves.

        The MCU threaded the needle with Black Panther by having the will to acknowledge the issue with a super advanced society ignoring slavery to explain history, but I doubt a TV series will handle all such tricky subject matter with equal skill. Which means in this age of instant outrage and cancel culture, trying to make a transgressive show that isn't just virtue signaling to one side of the political divide or the other is more akin to russian roulette than traditional storytelling.


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          cities are more populated in the world of darkness, so large kindred numbers aren't that much of a problem. the issue is that getting the cities to look right might take more effort, and also runs the danger of being overly stylized.

          Common disciplines are unlikely to ramp up the special effects budget and I'd argue obtenebration would be real easy. lupines however...

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            The one and only time VTM was adapted for TV was an epic disaster. So I'm in no hurry to see that happen again. But who knows ... maybe the next time will actually be good. But don't get your hopes up. RPG adaptations don't have the best track record.

            BTW, if you're cool with low budget and 90s camp, Forever Knight is a great show and very ahead of it's time when it aired.


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              Originally posted by KarlB View Post
              BTW, if you're cool with low budget and 90s camp, Forever Knight is a great show and very ahead of it's time when it aired.
              Excellent show, though part of my opinion comes from being old enough to have watched during its initial run.

              I feel that any modern V;tM tv series would need several conflicting aspects to do the setting justice. You would need the people who worked on the Hannibal tv series to pull off the photography and writing. Then you would need some history nerds to spot check all scripts for historical flashbacks like what was done in both Forever Knight and Highlander tv series. Given the propensity for V:tM games to turn violent, you would probably need the fight choreographer from the netflix movies Extraction or Old Guard to show both single and group combat.

              The only saving grace is that since Vampires can really only be out at night, something like 80% or more of your shooting locations will be restricted to sound stages. This means you don't have to contend with weather or on site shooting issues. Though once you involve Ghouls or mortal life flashbacks.... that brings all of those problems back.