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What if Wan Gui were the dominant Group of Vampires and Cainites the minority?

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    It's not a race thing, it's a culture thing. The Japanese are still lead by a right wing nationalist, they whitewash Imperial Japan's history in schools, most of asia doesn't like them because they act like they did nothing wrong, they Ignore their indigenous populations, they remain notoriously xenophobic (their attitudes are pretty good to white westerners) and anti imigration...

    and that's just Japan, a place we have good perceptions of. Taiwan liberalized only a few decades ago, SE asia has it's own problems, and there are two very promenent dictatorships routinely trying to instil traditional values and setting their populace against external and internal enemies.

    Obviously it's not a race thing. You could attribute it to a deep sense of paternalism, that most countries in the region have very right wing economic systems, the influence of ancient philosophers, historical factors such as modernity being thrusted against them by foreign powers rather than evolved...

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      I feel like I wasn't clear enough this wasn't the place to discuss racism in RL vs. the subject in hand.

      As such, I fear this thread shall be put out of its misery.

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