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  • Crossover Questions with Demon

    Now i am fairly new to the demon franchise so...

    Demons are fighting each other as well and are split in seperate factions.

    1) WHICH faction is the most likely to have sided with the Baali and use them? Faustians?
    2) What would the demons gain from the Baali, who are without souls?
    3) What exactly would the Baali offer in a pact? Would they get a "discount" given they serve the demons, kinda?
    4) Are there demons who would fight actively against the Baali? Say Luciferians?
    5) Since the earthbound hate Lucifer and i guess Lucifer hates the Baali, couldnt the earthbound try to make contact with the Baali? In special given the baali try to keep them asleep ^^
    ‚Äč6) Could the Baali just enslave the demons to their own ends?

    7) Would different Baali factions side with different demons and thus ahve different powers? I see the Molochim and Nergali as vastly different in their philosophies after all and say dark thaumaturgy seems to fit the Molochim better than the Nergali, in my oppinion, while the latter would focus on more...directly destructive Stuff (that said the balefire Path is pretty straight forward destructive)

    8) Could a Baali learn Thaumaturgy, Dark thaumaturgy, Dur An Ki, Koldunic Sorcery and actual sorcery (Hedge Wizardry) from demons? Or get additional pact perks?

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    1- The Fallen From D:tF aren't usually the 'demons' that Baali deal with. The Baali are more likely to deal with powerful banes or earthbound than they are to deal with fallen. You need to understand that 'Demons' is a messy categorization that includes things from the Lower,Middle and upper umbra, the Fallen, monsters from outside of creation... yeah it's a mess.
    2/3- Vampires most likely still have souls, they're just a bit pretentious when they describe their damnation. As Vampires the Baali are pretty good with corrupting and creating cults and murdering lots of people.
    4- The Baali occasionally try to bind demons against their will, so yeah, Demons fight Baali and Baali fight other Baali on behalf of demons.
    5- Some Baali cults are attached to earthbound, yes.
    6- Yeah, anyone can enslave a demon with the right skills.

    7- 'demons' can offer all kinds of investments and powers. Lesser demons (perhaps banes) might be limited to themes, but they're generally not what Baali deal with and usually Fallen can give anything any other fallen can give.

    8 Infernal vampires can be granted 'dark thaumaturgy' and get instructed in regular magic of any style from demons. Demonic investments (the demon granting you good looks or horns or whatever) have changed rules with every new printing but yes, Vampires can get them too.
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      In a long term crossover where both types of supernaturals are recurring characters, I'd consider throwing out a lot of what Vampire has on infernalism in favor of Demon's system for thralls. Demon was introduced much later, and out of its own necessity put much more thought into factors like what it costs the demon to establish and maintain their side of the master-servant relationship - and how the demon feeds off of the relationship in turn.

      The thrall-focused "Damned and Deceived" book from the Demon game line is recommendable; it adds a lot to what demons can offer their thralls, including powers based on the demon's apocalyptic form.
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        I wouldn't use the Baali to deal with Demons-Demons. Though I do believe the Children that they worship and try to keep Asleep are the 5 Archdemons and the other 661 are the Earthboudn.

        I think Infernalists would primarily work with either the Raveners (who will betray their contractors at every opportunity) or the Faustians or Luciferians.

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