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Eyes of the Beast and Blind people.

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  • Eyes of the Beast and Blind people.

    So I sat down and reviewed some things I wrote for my own rules and I'd written that EotB makes up for changes in eyesight due to beastform; Esentially people using protean 4 see like the beasts they've transformed into unless they use Eyes of the Beast which gives them the best of human and animal vision (and darkvision, of course. I've also written that EotB helps with too-much-light as well). Giving vampires in animal form the drive to flash the red eyes.

    When I first wrote this, I thought about blind people using this power, and then dismissed it with 'they should probably get some other sensory power' (Ears of the Bat?)
    Blindness is a 6 point flaw after all.
    But then I went back to what I wrote and thought 'hmm, maybe it could give them vision.
    But glowing eyes is only a 3 point flaw... and it carries with it more problems than the decisively minimalist Eyes of the Beast of former of editions. So perhaps, if a blind pc develops EotB their 6 point flaw could be changed to a 2 point flaw... or maybe we want to spice up how they see (their EotB is incomplete somehow) or maybe we want to give them big freaky bat ears instead or...

    From a metaphyiscal standpoint, I think a vampire could eventually cast off their mortal impairments; A scrawny vampire may become physically powerful, a mentally impaired neonate may develop into a clever elder.. they just need to feed off the right things and live long enough. But a blind character being able to see might be something more than a level 1 power, depending on how 'blind' they actually are (nominal vision, vestigial eyes, damaged eyes, missing eyes). My thoughts on this are muddled; Suggestions?
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    It's a six point flaw, getting a discipline to circumvent it is pure cheese

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      Originally posted by Dwight View Post
      It's a six point flaw, getting a discipline to circumvent it is pure cheese
      I dunno, I think that seems perfectly valid.

      I mean, a blind Toreador using Auspex seems a reasonable extrapolation.

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        I'd allow it, though I would drop the value of the Flaw since the character possesses a power that could temporarily negate it. To use a cinematic (well, televisual) example, on Teen Wolf the character Deucalion was blind unless he activated the full or partial change into werewolf form, at which point his eyes became functional.


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          I wouldn't allow them to use the power as written to override the Flaw. They should still be blind.

          However, I would say that the Discipline's power gives them something similar to another sense (maybe hearing, maybe smell) so that the Discipline power isn't just wasted.

          It's entirely reasonable to believe a vampire could overcome any disability they had while as a mortal, but it has to be done in a way that the ST approves and allows them to buy off the Flaw. Simply learning a Discipline shouldn't be that way.