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Damaging Objects/Object Damage in V5

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  • Damaging Objects/Object Damage in V5

    While I know there's the Physical Feats chart, I haven't been able to find any rules on damaging objects with an attack. How would you handle breaking/knocking over a sturdy stone or marble pillar such as those used in the exterior of the Parthenon? Also, how much damage would you assign to successfully knocking over a large object, such as one of those pillars or a large stone statue the size of Michelangelo's David (17 feet tall and weighs more than 12,000 pounds), onto an opponent?
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    I would assign it a difficulty and check against the Feats of Strength chart in the appendix, which tells the strengths needed to lift and/or break stuff.

    As far as damage, maybe treat the item as 'falling' and so it inflicts its damage equal to its falling damage it takes.


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      You could use an extended roll, using a difficulty based on the thoughness of the object and a target margin based on the size.