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What clans would your favorite characters be?

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  • What clans would your favorite characters be?

    Aradia: Nagaraja or Giovanni

    Creepy but otherwise intelligent outcast or speaks to ghosts,

    Tavros: Gangrel

    Animal themes

    Sollux: Nosferatu

    Computer guy who doesn't like the spotlight

    Karkat: Caitif

    Candy red blood

    Nepeta: Brujah or followers of set

    depends more so followers if she takes more after Meolin

    Kanaya: Toreador


    Terezi: Tremere

    Savant who cares less about emotions and more about logic

    Vriska: Lasombra

    Cares a lot about her position amongst her peers ( lasombra instead of ventrue because she doesn't care for rigid traditionalism)

    Equius: Tzimisce

    Quiet and sticks to the shadows, when you initially see him most people tend to be repulsed until you find the logic behind the gross

    Gamzee: Malkavian

    You should know

    Eridan: Ventrue

    obvious. He’s a huge a elitist that puts a lot of emphasis on his Blood.

    Feferi: IDK A Ventrue reformist?

    Because of her high status and lack of interest in following the status quo

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    Until today I never even knew that MS Paint Adventures existed. The world is full of new experiences.


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      Yeah . How could you miss it it was everywhere 6 years ago.


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        Oh, I remember reading that. Then the creator took like 2 or 3 years off and I forgot all about it. Did he ever continue it or finish it?


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          Yep it’s finished.


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            why can i never escape this comic?

            also feferi would be a salubri.


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              Meow? I see that.