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Create Your Most Combat Twinked V20:DA Vampire (Just For Fun)

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  • Create Your Most Combat Twinked V20:DA Vampire (Just For Fun)

    Standard character creation +50 freebees to demonstrate experience. (Total of 77 freebees with max 7 flaws)
    Notes: Only the 15-22 base freebees can be spent on merits/backgrounds as they cannot be bought in normal play with experience and the additional 50 freebees given here are to reflect what you can do with some time in play.
    Merits and Flaws from any book are allowed as long as they work in the V20: Dark Ages world so something like the Berserker Merit from the black hand book would work, but not something like computer aptitude.
    When it comes to powers, only a select few can work. An example of this is the Krainas from the black hand book, as they're described as ancient paths and would work in the DA setting as koldunic sorcery was reworked to be krainas.
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    Five levels of Obtenebration and the abyss mysticism power that lets you feed from your tentacles.

    I think you meant XP rather than freebies right? 50 freebies is... strong.

    With 50 freebies, I can also get Diamonion 6 and make myself immune to fire, or I could buy six levels of fortitude and resist both fire and faith. Or we could have six points of obfuscate. The point being, I am a mass of darkness and only the most unconventional of means may stop me. A total of 77 freebies is a potential total of 14 discipline dots.

    Obf-1 (2)

    (We'd need a dot less given a second level abyss mysticism power; I forgot what they cost in character creation)
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