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Ghouls, Beasts & Shapeshifting

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  • Ghouls, Beasts & Shapeshifting

    I recently looked through the sheets of my ghouls. I noticed that some of them had disciplines - Protean and Serpentis. I thought about this and later I got this idea.
    Suppose ghouls were able to master level 4 in these disciplines. We can confidently say that these ghouls can transform into dogs / bulls / boars / wolves / various breeds of snakes.
    Setites are trained in a unique discipline with which they can transform into 3 forms: large venomous snake, human-snake hybrid, Typhonic Beast (humanoid beast).

    But suppose we have a different situations.

    1) A common situation, gangrel fed the wolves with his blood. These wolves learned various disciplines from him for years.
    • Will this wolf become same wolf if it use protean 4?
    • or Will this wolf become Dire wolf?
    • Can wolf become human by using Protean?
    • Cab wolf transform into bear / boar / deer / eagle?
    • What happens if this wolf knows serpentis? Can a wolf transform into big snake ?
    • Or does it transform into an anubis-like form (half jackal - half human... or half jackal - half wolf ?) ?
    • Or will this dog grow a serpentine tail like Setite battle form? But will it have hands? Or will it be a jackal with arms and a snake's tail
    2) An ancient Sutekh's priest who fed several crocodiles and snakes with blood.
    • Can these crocodiles and snakes became humans by using Serpentis 4?
    • Can crocodile transform into a snake by using Serpentis?
    • Does the snake just grow in size if it use serpentis?
    • Can snakes and crocodiles transform into humans by using Protean?
    • Can snakes become pigeon? Can a crocodile become a bat?
    • Can snake and crocodile use all 3 forms of Serpentis? How will they look in the form of the Beast or in battle form?
    3) Situation: The great priest of Jormungand bestowed a great honor on his cultist - endowing him with the form of a god. In other words. The Setite transformed the cultist into a sentient snake by Apep’sTransformation (The Revelations of Midgard, level 5).
    • The snake was a man. Does this mean his Protean powers haven't changed?
    • Will the snake be able to return to its human form by using Protean?
    • What happens if this snake-cultist uses the power of Serpentis? Will it turn into a Bigger Snake? Or will the snake transform into its human form?
    • Will such snake be able to transform into the form of Typhonic Beast? But what will this form look like? Will it be a humanoid beast with a jackal head?
    • Will this snake be able to use the battle form of Setites? Can the "snake" grow a human torso, arms and head?
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    back in 2nd ed, vampires could embrace animals that could use protean/serpentis to transform into humans,

    I imagine the idea wasn't too popular, so they dropped it since



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      But what about the snake-cultist? Is it human or beast?
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        It is whatever you (or your ST) wants it to be.

        You've been playing around the magic that is black
        But all the powerful magical mysteries never gave a single thing back