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  • Suggestion for a one shot

    We're going to play Sabbat in Miami, v5 rules and setting.
    Tzimisce clan can be a choice. We are going to use what the books suggest.
    Chicago Folios have something about tzimisce performing blood sorcery rituals.
    Chicago by night clearly says that they most likely have protean.
    No house rules for the game, only low umanity rating and discipline replacement for the Fiends.
    They guy who want to play the Fiend is planning a ''feral'' tzimisce, inspired by some profiles from the revised clan book and the path of feral hearth.
    No fleshcrafting powers required.

    Which discipline set do you suggest :

    Animalism, Blood Sorcery, Protean


    Animalism, Auspex, Protean

    Simple as that.

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    I'd say Auspex, if they're planning to go full Feral Heart,
    Blood Sorcery if they want to play street shaman or something,

    Feral has a focus on survival, and auspex is a better choice in this case, as it allows to challenge obfuscate and hidden blood magic,

    the only issue is that some applications of auspex can overlap with protean's animal forms (as animals have better senses too)