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What is Ventru doing? What’s his deal?

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    You know, it's at least possible [Ventrue] is in torpor somewhere because of her feeding restrictions. Maybe it was "humans from the Second City".

    And over the years, now and again, particular mortals stumble upon her form, are overwhelmed by her sheer mental prowess, drain themselves dry, drink a droplet of her blood, and thus become agents to the slumbering ancient who doesn't even notice she keeps spawning 4th Generation vampires.


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      I still maintain that for high level supernaturals 'death' has all the relevance it does in comic books. Deaths occur if convenient but they may not be permanent. And high level vampires (like many high level supernaturals) have ways to get around death in some way or another (what the cost may be is another matter.)


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        Originally posted by Konigheim Horror View Post
        You know, it's at least possible [Ventrue] is in torpor somewhere because of her feeding restrictions. Maybe it was "humans from the Second City".
        At this point the Ventrue weakness would be nullified by the methuselah's thirst.


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          I like the idea of [Ventrue] having died ages ago, but instead of cursing their clan to destruction like the Ravnos, they released their power and something of their spirit into the clan at large to carry on their legacy. Hence rather than falling apart the clan developed a culture of cooperation that's allowed them to hold so much more extensive domain/praxis than the others. And occasionally that shared power concentrates enough that a 4th generation vampire sires another 4th generation childe instead of the expected 5th.


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            My personal head canon regarding Ventru is that they continue to be the architect of their clan to these very nights.

            I imagine that their feeding restriction was that of the First City and that since the Deluge they have been slowly starving, falling to torpor, and briefly rising from time to time as the movements of fate allow.

            The Clan is aware of their antediluvian’s activity through rumor and suspicion alone and their is a reason why elder Ventrue live in paranoia of secret masters guiding the great conspiracy of lords throughout the night.


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              My non-canon take is that Ventrue is he's the original Antediluvian sire of Troile and thus the Modern Brujah are descendants of her after she diablerized him.

              Thus the irony of True Brujah is they're vampires trying to be more like Ventrue.

              I eventually went with something different and in my current game, Mithras killed the Ventrue Antediluvian (who had the symbol of a bull). So Ventrue has been dead for 6000 or so years.

              Ventrue's Heirs

              Recently, I admit to having gone full comic book by having a 4th generation Ventrue escape the Beckoning and return to the Camarilla before declaring himself Primus (a title that never existed before) as well as Clan Leader. I'm pretty much going with the view that he's Vandal Savage in most respects because I'm terminally addicted to melodrama with my undead. The player characters are debating whether he's the actual Ventrue or just one of his oldest childer. If they ever talk with my 10,000 year old Ventrue, he'll basically just lay into the Antediluvian.

              "You want to know what Ventrue built? A city of 5,000 people with huts of mud and clay! Everything this clan was built from was built from us! Just because he's old didn't make him a genius or a god! He was such an incompetent that he was the first king to ever have a revolt!"
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