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    This Is quiet simple guys, hopefully you can help me again!

    Octavio character sheet Is presented in TC book. It says he has Nature and Demeanor: Prophet.
    I searched for Prophet archetype but apparently it does not exist. I searched for every book i have... Do you know were Prophet archetype Is described?

    Thank you so much for your help guys!

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    In a sense, the Nature and Demeanour of an NPC doesn't actually need to be described, as NPCs don't (or shouldn't) gain a mechanical benefit out of these traits, as they exist for narrative purposes. Being able to understand what the writers mean is sufficient. That said, it's not ideal design to give NPCs traits that are not available to players, and are not actually described in rulebooks, as it does somewhat undermine the coherence of the game world.

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      James_Willoughby Sense and Sensibility?

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        So you actually do confirm me that the Prophet archetype has never been described but It has been used in an official sourcebook for a key NPC. Great. XD
        I Need It in order to Understand when exactly you regain willpower with the Prophet Nature.


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          When your prophecies come true

          Or just change it to Visionary

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            Originally posted by Penelope View Post
            Or just change it to Visionary
            You beat me to it.

            You may also consider the Seer archetype from LS4: Thieves in the Night. Though, by the time Anatole eats him, the Fatalist one from Victorian Age Vampire may be more fitting.
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              There is a Prophet archetype on page 272 of Mage 20th Anniversary Edition. Essentially, the Prophet thinks they speak Truth with a capital 'T.' They have strong insight, like a Visionary, which is their strength. The flaw of a Prophet is their Ruthlessness. A Prophet regains Willpower by speaking their truth to power.

              Below is the most current edition of the archetypes list from the World of Darkness game lines.