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[V20] How to protect oneself from Maelstrom

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  • [V20] How to protect oneself from Maelstrom

    I tried to find something either on the forums or on the web, but nothing came out, so I ask here for your insights: I am looking for a power (discipline, ritual, other ?) available to vampires (therefore not arcanos) to protect themselves (at least partially) from a maelstrom. I will houserule one if nothing exists as such, but if there is something, even partial protection, I would be glad to know!

    I looked into all the Necromancy powers and rituals and found nothing.

    Thanks for any clue on this!

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    Actually there Is at least One artifact: the enchanted vest you can get/obtain playing Giovanni Chronicles (chapter 1 or 2). Wering this vest you are protected 100% from the Maelstrom.


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      I confirm you that you can find the Japhet's cloaks described in Artifact List in "The sun has set". I am 99% sure


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        I'm assuming that since you ask this, the Vampire in question is in the Shadowlands. Wu is right about the Artifact and also you can try and convince a Wraith to let you in their Haunt. Haunts IIRC are protected from Maelstorm if you get in on time. The Citadel (the central nucleus of the average Necropoli basically, think of a Government House/Fortress) is also another focal point of pure defense against a Maelstorm as well.

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          Thanks for your answers, but in fact, for many reasons linked to my chronicle, I wanted to replace Japhet's cloak by the teaching of ritual/necromancy power from Japhet in The Last supper, hence my question. :P

          So if I understand, it means the answer is no, there is nothing official for such a thing!