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Can the blood oath still be given in the modern nights?

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  • Can the blood oath still be given in the modern nights?

    So in the dark ages, the bloodbond exist instead as the blood oath. The main difference being that instead of love, it creates a sense of loyalty and obligation.

    So can vampires in the modern nights still give a blood oath instead of a blood bond?
    Or is this not possible due to changes in the blood or mindset of kine?

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    I always considered the two to be synonyms, not separate things. And whether the blood bond creates love (as in romantic love or passion) or a sense of deep set devotion and loyalty is really just flavor text describing how the bond works out between the regnant and thrall. It depends on the personalities and relationship of the regnant and thrall, not some historical change in mentality.

    It could just be my ignorance if there was an actual supplement stating these were not the same.


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      Don't the Tremere have a ritual with a contract that for a nominal fee* they can bind two parties together.

      *blood,boons or bullion

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        I always took it as just another term for blood bond, Vinculum being the more...emotionally neutral term? If that makes any sense. I might be displaying my ignorance though, as was said above.

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          The blood bond creates emotional dependence , the vassal is free on how to interpretate it

          In the past a lot of people where vassals to somebody and as consecuence the blood bond was interpretated and a servant relationship

          Today a lot of people interpretate it romantically beliving the domitor to be their crush


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            Once one of my players managed to blood bond an elder who started treating him like an annoying little brother he cared a lot to the point of eventually becoming opresive as he wanted to protect him from harm