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Potence and Thrown weapons (V20)

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    If we're assuming it was deliberate, I'd imagine it is much more the case of tonal issues with ridiculous thrown feats for what the player level characters are meant to accomplish rather than some deeply thought out idea of Potence-as-magic-field. Even if you apply the idea of Potence as a field, it doesn't actually make sense that it doesn't boost throwing directly. The initial force imparted to the object is what matters. If a vampire can cause a rock to hit with more force, they can impart a higher starting force on a rock before they throw it... there's no consistent way to avoid that just because normal physics takes over once the object is in flight.


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      I don't think 'field' is explicitly what they were going for, it could've been, but they sure wanted action movie combat. (V5 even moreso)

      A field is moderately consistent with what happens (simulating things perfectly accurately is a bit beyond the scope of a d10 rollplaying game)

      If you throw a crowbar at someone, it is not going to go significantly faster if you have potence this way, so it's not going to do extra damage.

      Now, you can throw a car at someone, and could only do so with potence, but I think this is something that you should model differently. Like the base damage should be your entire strength+potence+carry over or something (i'm in a rush so i can't formulate a good idea in the moment but yeah, it should be different)


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        It's the same problem you run into with celerity and how it works. If there's a velocity component to it, then moving faster should increase potential to damage (and there are some implementations of Celerity that do suggest this like the 6 dot powers 'projectile' and 'momentum') If you figure the 'speed' from celerity is a combination of factors - one of which may be increasing physical velocity - then you might surmise potence works the same (the boosted 'strength' comes from a combination of factors.) Thus you could also have a 'advanced' power that allows potence to boost the damage of thrown weapons - there are already potence powers that involve projecting it at a distance (Fist of Caine, Earthshock, Flick) so a potence-boosted throwing attack would probably be a variation of those.


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          Celerity can easily be explained with it speeding you up through a 'time field' where time is sped up for you and seems slow everywhere else' you're not actually increasing your velocity, you're moving at the same speed but you're getting more time to move. Once you throw something out of your time field, it moves normally, so you aren't doing extra damage from blows or taking extra damage or anything like that.

          Or, if you're one of those Trujah wankers, "You've slowed down the entirity of the world's time and you yourself are going at a normal speed, because your bloodline is super-great and superior. In any case, you don't have to deal with shit like momentum because of the way it works. Remember, Temporis is the 'bullshit time discipline' and it's explicitly stated to be an offshoot of celerity.

          I dislike some of Celerity's elder disciplines because of this... and of course everything v5 did with the discipline, because they don't work with the logic.