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What happens when a hunter with true faith is embraced?

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    Originally posted by MyWifeIsScary View Post
    So... you want to railroad them?

    I like chance. Characters should have both options when they're on the brink; damnation or redemption. 1 humanity should be a tight rope, not a stop-gap or a solid wall.
    Actually, quite the opposite, one of the things I've found is that if I want to see characters tortured and undergo the most ****ed up things imaginable then I don't do them to the Player Characters. I ask the players to come up with what sort of horrible things they can do to their characters and usually what they come up with is far more sick and twisted than anything I could do to them. Degenerating to wightdom and killing off their character due to diablerie or blood addiction or becoming an alien horror who must be killed are things that I have had players agree to because they like the idea of roleplaying it.

    With diablerie, the question is, "Is this something that is so horrible it can and will drive Kindred to become mindless beasts."

    I mean, it was definitely one of the things that I put for, "Can result in 0 Humanity" but that happening is something I mostly put to the player.

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