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Alternate Tremere Origins

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    You could make them a bloodline of Ancient Caitiffs that only became important after they diablerized Saulot, it makes them more a pawn of the Jyhad rather then wild cards appropriated as a resource by the ancients.

    Or to keep the origins without the self embrace you could have them have been a cabal of Mages who blackmailed a vampire into embracing them and then they diablerized it and they became Caitiffs. Simple they don’t need a ritual just threaten the captured Tzimisce or it could have been a Caitiffs.

    Or you could have them have been a rogue cabal of ghoul mystics when they invented thaumaturgy the basic first dot of Thaumaturgy over centuries, but they needed to finally be embraced to take it further.

    It is a time for great deeds!