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  • Reincarnating Vampires Campaign Hack

    So I have this random campaign idea slash setting hack for the World of Darkness. I wanted to share it, to see what others think in a constructive manner.

    (I should note that while this idea is percolating in my head I don't have dozens of pages of answers, so there is much left unknown and such.)

    Firstly though, this campaign would only work if Vampires still have their souls. But even more their souls still remain 'human', for all that they are changed by the Embrace. This is important because the campaign idea only works if Reincarnation is a thing.

    And I very much like the idea of human souls reincarnating in the WOD.

    (As a side note, by vampires having full on souls I also make them not just have true emotions, but have them have even stronger emotions than humans. A human might go "oh look at the flower how pretty" while a vampire might look at that flower and feel a dozen strong things in a row.)

    Anyway, the idea is that when the ancient Antediluvians died as vampires their souls joined the human reincarnation wheel thanks to say some potent sorcerous rituals or some other major plot. They were born, grew up, and died multiple times as baseline mortal humans. While alive they occasionally had dreams of their past that led to them more easily then most gaining access to magics.

    This cycle of life and death went on for a while, up till the present when said former antediluvian souls were reincarnated into humans who were subsequently Embraced, becoming vampires.

    Upon becoming vampires its like a feeling of coming home, as if whatever they were missing suddenly got filled in. They don't suddenly gain everything but they do get some extra boosts to represent the old and new mixing.

    But even more they become embroiled in certain ancient plots and mysteries and other events. Some created by others but some created by their original selves millennia ago.

    Oh, and maybe Caine himself comes back.


    Another major change in my mind is that vampires aren't so much 'undead' as having bodies transformed into a purely supernatural substance. This is important because I plan on giving all vampires the equivalent of Eat Food (food eaten leaves via going to the toilet, not throwing up) and Blush of Health merits for free.

    I like this concept much mroe than them being souless things in corpses. (I should note, and I know this will not be for all, but the whole personal horror and vampires as bestial rage monsters are not themes that I focus on, hence these changes.)


    I am posting this here in WOD as I figure that is where I would play this, though theoretically COD also fits.
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