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  • Clan Questions & Potention Changes

    Okay, so going over the whole clans described in Vampire the Masquerade I find myself only having to tweak them a bit to fit my interests.

    In general I plan on having the Clans being Brujah, Cappadocian, Gangrel, Lasombra, Malkavians, Mekhet, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tzimisce, and Ventrue.

    One main change is the Malkavians. I would like to remove the madness and have them take on the role of Seers and Prophets. I was thinking of giving them Temporis as a clan Discipline but I was wondering what other option, as I don't plan on keeping Dementation as is though I do like the idea of them being strange and such due to them seeing the past in future in ways that other vampires don't.

    The other clan changes include keeping the Cappadocians as the scholars focused on death and thus Necromancy. Turning the Lasombra into a Priestly clan based on the vampiric religion. Adding Mekhet as the secret operators slash assassins (giving them Quietus). Taking the Requiem idea about the Nosferatu being all about fear rather than ugliness. Tzimisce becoming the 'healers', as based on their flesh shaping discipline, which, by the way has zero corruption effects or anything like that.

    I am also not sure about the Brujha, because while I like its nature as the brute, thugs, rabble-rousers, and street people among vampire society I don't know about the philosopher part.

    On Tremere I am debating on whether I should have them be a clan focused on Thaumaturgy or have them be a multi-clan society within greater vampire society. I do not want the whole diablerization aspect of them so its either they are just a normal clan with scholars or they are multi-clan.

    Okay, now here comes the main reason for this post - I am planning on changing things so that all Vampires consider Auspex and Presence and Celerity, Fortitude, and Potence as In-Clan Disciplines for all. The reason for this is that most vampire myths have them being potent in speed, stamina, and strength and super in senses and their ability to mesmerize mortals while hunting.

    The thing is if I am making those Disciplines always available at general cost that means those Clans that have them as Clan Disciplines are loosing out. Which leads me to need to think on which other Disciplines I might use to replace them from the clans. That said, due to how many common disciplines there are, I am not against going from say three to two or even one unique clan discipline.

    Related to this is me wanting to include Chimestry, though I am not sure which of the above clans would get it.


    I guess I should note general lore. I'm going with the general idea of a founder vampire (Caine, though different as I'm removing anything and everything related to him being cursed by God) who actually created the Clans listed above as matters of specific choice. While he has since disappeared, and so did the Clan Founders, before that happened the Covenant was established, this is a world-wide vampire organization (basically the Camarilla) operating behind the scenes of the mortal world. While generally speaking all vampires are united under one government in the day to day nature there is much less obedience to that, especially in the modern day. This isn't just between the Clans but also within the clans, which have various Houses that fight for clan leadership.

    It is in this starting era of strife that many vampires are beginning to see strange signs and receive visions, made even more because the very energy of the world seems to be shifting. (Its all leading to the Return, which is the idea I posted in the other thread, hehe).

    Oh, and all vampires have the Eat Food and Blush of Health merits as I like those features in my vampires.

    (Basically, I am downplaying personal horror quite a bit as its not to my taste at all.)

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    Making Malkavians the seer clan and including Requiem's seer clan looks a bit redundant, but maybe you'll play down that side of Auspex. Mekhet are also Requiem's spy clan, which would usually infringe on the Nosferatu niche, but it might not if the Nosferatu are more like Requiem's. Also, why are Lasombra the priestly clan if there's already a clan of prophets, as well as a clan of death and maybe philosophers? I'm not saying that there can't be a separate clan of priests, but they need something claim spiritual authority.

    I like the idea of these Malkavians have Chimestry more than other clans: both receiving and creating visions. Although that could make them less trustworthy and that much more unique in contrast to most clans the only have common powers. The Requiem discipline of Nightmare is sort of an edgier Chimestry, so maybe Nosferatu could have it.


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      Spencer from The Hills thank you very much for the comments, I appreciate it. So the way I looked at it is this way -

      Mekhet are the vampires who move about secretly, they are the spies and assassins. They move and act but nobody knows wiser. (as said, I was thinking of giving them Quietus)
      Nosferatu are the 'monsters', the ones who instill fear and horror, who make sure that people (both mortal and vampire) stay in their place as dictated by say the Prince or the Clan Leaders or the Camarilla leadership.

      Cappadocians are the scholars of the dead, that is Necromancy.
      Lasombra are the the spiritual guides and priests of vampire society. (Their use of shadow magic had me go 'what' so I am open to making it something else, but I don't want that to be Necromancy)
      Malkavians see the past and future, but this isn't a matter of faith but power.

      You are right on there being something that leads to Lasombra having the mantle of faith. I am not sure what that is yet but yeah, they totally need that.

      Hmm. Malkavians and Chimestry, I see what you are saying but I am not sure I want to go with it. I much prefer their visions to not be tainted by them being able to create illusions.

      On Nosferatu and Nightmare, yeah, totally. In fact I should have said that but yeah I totally am giving them that.,


      So I just double checked stuff and beyond the first dot of Auspex, Heightened Senses, is very much something I think all Vampires should be able to have I am totally for the idea of Auspex being a Clan Discipline for one or more of the above. This leads to me wondering about making Heightened Senses something that anyone can learn, or all have as a natural element of being a Vampire. But if I do do this then what other power do you think I should replace this with.
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        So I was going over my old notes for a fanfic that I wrote a bit ago when I discovered that in it I had my main character meet and deal with the 13 Great Vampire Clans. In the fanfic I obviously created my own groups. Groups that I actually find myself liking the names of and have an interest in figuring out what their roles might be in greater vampire society. As an additional note the thirteen clans are overseen by a special group, House Mortis.

        Clan Adama
        Clan Aethernae
        Clan Cervantes
        Clan Dilculum
        Clan Enochian
        Clan Gray
        Clan Lenoran
        Clan Limboael
        Clan Malachi (two co-leaders)
        Clan Marius
        Clan Necrosa
        Clan Sanguina
        Clan Tantibus
        House Mortis (a Lord and Head of House who is also the Master of Death)