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[V20] Just thought of a pretty unusual Sabbat story hook.

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  • [V20] Just thought of a pretty unusual Sabbat story hook.

    Hey everybody. I was rereading Rites of the Blood, and the weirdest idea, occured to me. The Sabbat,especially Tremere Antitribu and Tzimisce, have the bloodline: The Blood Brothers, s shock troops. According to Rites, they create such creatures from ghouled humans in terrifying rituals,and sometimes they convert other vampires.
    What if they tried to turn an Methuselah into such a servant?
    The Sabbat has this party line of taking down the tiranny of the elders and the methuselahs,what if one particular Pack of sadistic,experienced and brave(or idiotic) Tremere and Tzimisce tried to capture an old and powerful kindred,stake him and tur him into a Blood Brother,or maybe blood bound him. If it works,it'd do wonderful things for the morale of the Packs,wouldn't it? have a formerly powerful and dangerous foe as a lapdog. could that work?

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    Maybe. I think it would create a dangerous gestalt, like Starro.


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      Originally posted by blailton View Post
      Maybe. I think it would create a dangerous gestalt, like Starro.
      The one from dc comics?


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        Originally posted by Nicolas Milioni View Post
        The one from dc comics?
        Yeah... that one.


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          Doesn’t the World of Darkness already have Starros? There called Chulorviah.

          But yeah a blood brother 5th edition is horrifying


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            i'm far from a expect in the wyrm,thanks Konradleijon
            i'd say that vignette where the Sabbat captures two Anarchs,in the camarilla books, is implying they were being turned into blood brothers


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              I'm not a fan of V20 Blood Brother creation process, they went overboard on that one

              as for using a meth as a Tzimisce puppet, it's not unheard of,
              tzimisce have on occasion captured low gens and fleshcrafted them into immortal house decorations

              it's twisted, sadistic and quite entertaining for the sabbat (and an effective warning for young sabbat)

              BUT, sabbat also respect power, and seeing a powerful methuselah being reduced to a pet can be demoralizing and cause some sabbat to question their convictions,

              the moral thing ("moral" by sabbat standards that is) is to diablerize the meth or, in the case where they've already been turned into a puppet, just put them out of their misery (though few sabbat would risk angering the Tzimisce/Tremere)



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                Yeah, because who can resist lowering your generation?