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Playing as the second inquisition and why it could be a great game

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    The Attitude that resulted in the Second inquisition was

    "Hey I'm a smart person and independent thinker and so are the people in my middle-class pier group so I would totally know if vampires lived among us and abused us and I'm sure that the honourable people in law the government would totally be on our side" (yep, this wouldn't have been written in 2020)

    *also for consideration: The person in question plays with a few newbs/is the newb who frequently makes masquerade violations and used proto-5th editions materials, with the increased masquerade risk of messy criticals and nerfed dominate, to write the SI*

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      Originally posted by Rucun View Post

      Is this like, a reference to xcom the bureau? lol
      It’s his own headcanon.