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Changes to Poison/Drug Duration

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  • Changes to Poison/Drug Duration

    Re-reading the V20 rules for blood-borne poisons and durgs, I'm not totally sure they make sense as written.

    The rules state that each drug lasts a different amount of time, which to me feels like the vampires are still metabolising the drug on some level. As vampires don't have a metabolism to speak of, I'm not sure what the justification for the different effect durations per drug/poison actually is.

    Given that, does the following tweak make sense:

    All blood-borne drugs and poisons that are imbibed by a vampire last until the blood that contains them is spent for any reason. Blood thus tainted is always the first to be spent, even if the vampire subsequently consumes untainted blood.
    I introduced the "tainted blood must be spent first" rule in order to avoid the situation where a vampire shoots up on a mortal on a beneficial drug, then drains another, and can thus maintain the beneficial high.

    I appreciate that this makes blood-borne poisons more of a threat, and the benefits from things like cocaine more potent. Does it have any other effects that I've missed?

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    my theories:

    -Since the vampire is dead, drugs and most poisons shouldn't have any effect on them at all. What they're experiencing must be a sympathetic magic effect
    -when the Beast 'refines' all blood into vitae, the drugs in the blood are also metabolized in a mystical fashion.

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