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Bogatyrs of Russia?

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  • Bogatyrs of Russia?

    So I’m talking about Bogatyrs, so-called “the Three Knights” in Russian folklore of reality

    In CWoD, it is rumored that they sent Baba Yaga into torpor (!), but all suffered tragic death at last. Vampires, Mage and Werewolves claim them as their own. And interesting enough, in Nights of Prophecy the house of Yaga has painting of them which will change by time (?!). I think it has much to exploit, but canon stuff is few? What’s your opinion about them?

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    Didn't Clanbook Tzimisce have them as some sort of strange creatures that washed up in the Carpathians after the deluge and served the Eldest? Maybe they're something completely different than the standard Vamp/Mage/Werewolf. Or maybe there's multiple supernaturals claiming the name as their own and the answer is all of the above.


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      I personally hold that most of the great mythic or legendary heroes of humanity, including the Bogatyr, are probably a kind of Mage from a "lost" heroic Tradition or Craft.


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        It depends. There's a bunch of them, including female Polianitsa. A few are actual historical people. Then you have ones like the giant Svyatogor who is clearly not. (He's one I'd say is probably one of the True Fey.) Others may be Garou (Silver Fangs, Fenrir, Black Furies, Shadow Lords) or other Fera (Gurahl, Corax), Mages of various styles (especially Old Faith/Verbena, Spirit Talkers/Dreamspeakers, and Messianic Voices/Celestial Chorus), vampires, and True Faith empowered holy warriors, among things.

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          The first word on them for the WoD was in Rage Across Russia, which presented them as being Garou and Mages.


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            Garou and Mages...? That's the deadliest combo in the entire series, lol

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              I think that like the knights of the Round Table, the Bogatyrs may come from diverse supernatural backgrounds.

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