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With the recent V5 Companion news I'm looking at V5 again

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  • With the recent V5 Companion news I'm looking at V5 again

    After I watched the announcements on the World of Darkness youtube channel and the interview with Justin, I thought maybe I should look into V5 in preparation for the free companion. I liked what everyone had to say in the announcement, I liked that people I'm familiar with are working on WoD, I'm glad a couple of the people who worked on it during WW's brief existence aren't there now, but I'm not going to name them. Overall, V5 feels like it has a promising future where before it felt like it was guided haphazardly and perhaps too much edgelord in it.

    I still haven't read the full rulebook, just bits and pieces here and there (I want to check up on my favorite stuff), but there are things I like and things I dislike. This is not a review, but I will say that I would play this.

    I still dislike the way the 2I is presented, as it feels too much like an ST power trip thing, and given I've had bad experiences with such things I'm not going to be able to set aside my antipathy, although clearly modern supernatural hunting government agencies do need a big update given technological advances and social media.

    I feel like the feeding styles are a bit strict. I dislike that feeding styles that are presented as ethical choices (consensual and farmer) take that choice away in part with flaws that restrict the Kindred's diet. Is this something anyone else feels or does it work out okay in actual play?

    Still processing the feeding rules. I still dislike the idea of resonance as being a way to get power, although the "getting impressions and images from your prey" part is cool and the way the humours work doesn't seem all that bad, really. How do people find them in play?

    Loresheets are a cool idea.

    I know people do not love blood potency, but it's something I kind of wish had been in the game from the start. One thing I like about it in V5 is that at no point are you required to drink Kindred blood. Human blood still works but it's increasingly risky to rely on it (and eventually almost worthless). But that's just my impression from reading and I have no idea how well or poorly it works in play.

    The Disciplines are interesting although I have yet to read through them all. I like the idea of picking a power with some dots in each discipline, instead of having one power for each dot. However, I'm less happy with never being able to get the other dot. I'm not sure that's a bad limitation I just like having earth meld and two animal forms, for example. One thing I really like is that instead of just adding extra dice, successes, or actions, the physical disciplines have distinct thematic powers.

    I have no issues with touchstones. Sure, they're from Requiem, but they're also thematically appropriate in vampire fiction. Like the vampire lord seeing a mortal woman who looks like his wife who died centuries before, possibly at his hands? That feels right to me as a thing.

    I acknowledge now that what I knew and how I felt about the team working on V5 at the start definitely influenced my antipathy for the edition, but a bigger part was the direction they seemed to want it to go in. I didn't want to invest in something that would ever more deeply into stuff I didn't enjoy. Now, I don't feel like that's as likely to happen. I don't mean I expect to like everything that comes out, just that I feel like it'll be more balanced.

    One of the deciding factors was learning that a Sabbat book is incoming. I prefer my Vampire: The Masquerade with Sabbat and Camarilla conflict.
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