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How do Masters of Kraina turn out?

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  • How do Masters of Kraina turn out?

    So we know Kolduns that use the Kupala derived Elemental Ways learn the ways that interest them and its straight forward as they are Elemental, with rare ones like the Way of Sorrow Thrown in.

    But the Older Kraina Paradigm uses Kraina based on locals, so with masters like Say Baba Yaga and her brood or African Nagalopers Witches how do they determine what they Learn? Do they just trade secrets when they get together when they are curious about a Koldun of a different land showing strange powers? Or do they go and investigate themselves only because they are stubborn? Sorcerers of other Blood Sorcerers when becoming Archmage equivalents learn a broad smattering of powers, so what do Kraina Koldun's look like? What do you think Modern Vlad Tepes would look like if you updated his sheet, a Koldun using Ways or Kraina? Baba Yaga feels like she would master many Kraina rather then learning a couple dots in even more. But with minimal Kraina published its interesting to think what Koldun's would look like? Like how far away would they know Kraina from since they are insular and stuck to their lands. Thoughts? Ideas?

    Here is a link to a fanmade homebrew Kraina/Koldunic Sorcery Thread.

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