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    Originally posted by Kael03 View Post

    Azaneal is likely 5th gen. Huitzilopochtli is the name likely taken by Nergal, who also went by Shaitan.
    That makes sense.

    “No one holds command over me. No man, no god, no Prince. Call your damn Hunt. We shall see who I drag screaming down to hell with me.” The last Ahrimane says this when Mithras calls a Blood Hunt against her. She/her (I saw the Chief Technology Officer for a big company do this so I guess I’ll do it too).


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      Originally posted by Kael03 View Post

      Azaneal being Second Gen is only said by a small faction of the Tal'Mahe'Ra,
      I agree, with the Baali there is always a lot of retconning, decanonising, contradictive information and many versions. Most Sources say in the Clanbook arent even trustworthy and have had "dreams" about something or demons telling them.

      That said, i try to list all the versions and make a compelling Argument. Azaneal being second Generation could make sense if Caine entered a pact with demons and promised them a clan for themselves if they teach him the embrace, which they did according to the book of Nod. And then Azaneal could indeed be a child of Caine. It could also be that Chorazon and namtaru just changed his blood or he discovered a second gen in torpor there and diablerised it.

      Lilith could have been turned by Caine later, also with the pact to the demons or Lilith was among the original Coven, slain, and dumped into the well where she was turned by whoever spilled blood in it.

      The crone was staked and left for the sun indeed, but she had some hours till sunrise left and i dont find it unreasonable to think tht the crone, being knowledged and powerfull as she was, had some tricks upon her sleeve, special knowledge, magic or just demonic or mortal minions to get her to safety in time. I dont think its unreasonable that she survived

      Also edited the "Notable Baali" and added a few

      Also added "History of the Baali"
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        My first introduction to the Baali was through the Chaos Factor as part of my collection for Mage. As such, it’s always been my canon for the Baali, particularly since I didn’t start really picking up non-Mage material until about 5 years ago.

        Leaving their origin as The Chaos Factor one also made sense in light of my Vampire campaign being expressly Catholic-themed and Vampire exclusive (to the point of Lupines not even being Garou, but the descendants of Lycaon who were cursed by angels mistaken for Greek Gods by those unfamiliar with that insignificant monotheistic religion down in the Fertile Crescent at the time... who gain “blood” points for their disciplines by feeding on human flesh).

        Anyway, Baali as outright worshippers of biblical demons were a perfect take for this particular take on setting... as is the notion that various vampires and Baali played the role of various pagan gods throughout history.


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          So a video update. i wanted to know if i improved or did worse ^^ and howi can become better


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            Maybe like this?



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              I for one love the Baali and have used them several times in my games over the last twenty odd years. Some great perspectives in this thread so thanks to the OP.


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                Thank you =) im currwently playing a baali on a cross splat server, very interesting XD


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                  This twitch channel is starting a V5 Baali Chicago by night game tonight