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  • Dominate and Nature

    So, this has been bugging me lately. How do y'all define "against their Nature" when you run V20 or earlier games and players are giving Dominate commands? If I’m a Caregiver, does every order that involves me hurting someone or taking time away from taking care of others fail or just deeply egregious ones?

    Obviously we can all build a useable system on "well, pick a reasonable answer and stay consistent," but what do you think the rule is going for on a thematic and feel level here?

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    You can be an abusive Caregiver, the line is only drawn when you realise you're not being a caregiver anymore (Which might be when your subject is dead). If I recall correctly, The Caregiver nature isn't about everyone, it's about specific people or specific types of people. You can brutally maim people all you like so long as your precious little dumpling is ok. Infact if you brutally maim others for the sake of your darling that's all the better. With this in mind I don't think you'd experience a difficulty increase for just taking a little time away from your person of interest or doing a miscellaneous task. If a Dominate kept you away from your target for a good amount of time... then it's time to increase the difficulty.

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      Alternatively you just need to properly contextualize the concept of killing to the Care Giver. Rather than telling them to kill the robber, you tell them to put the robber out of their misery. Such a caring thing to do really.