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  • Help with what skill to choose

    Little character question:
    A player of mine wants to play a Lasombra Internet Media Influencer and has a really cool idea. She knows that Technology will be wonky and her reflection and all that. But she wants to have a skill for video/photo manipulation so that she can alter her pics and feeds in order to look like she has a reflection on pictures and youtube. What would be the best skill you think Technology (Video/photo manipulation) or craft (Video/photo manipulation) ?

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    V5 or an earlier Edition? If it's the former, good luck with that as V5 has really screwed the Lasombra when it comes to technology. With the latter it's not as bad but still going to be difficult.

    Honestly in both cases, Technology would not be the idea way to go. Rather they would be better served by channeling their efforts through Retainers and proxies rather than doing it directly.

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      In pre-V20 editions there was a Lasombra Merit you could get that gave you a ghostly picture or phantasmic reflection in mirrors. I would suggest having the character take the merit, with the ghostly motif being part of their brand. Most people would look at it as being a half way point to being a V-tuber. As for skills, Computer is an obvious starting point, up to you if you want to take specialties in photoshop or other programs.


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        If you're using Revised edition, Profesional Skill: Photoshop/Image Manipulation.

        The revised Storytellers Companion that came with the revised Storytellers Screen included guidelines for Hobby Talents, Professional Skills, and Expert Knowledges.

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          To actually offer an answer to the question that you asked, I would say that Technology suits better than Craft. But be aware that any use of communicative technology will call for a test, per the Lasombra Bane.


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            Get a ghoul, pay for cosmetic surgery, make them look like her, (or use makeup or a friendly Tzimesce) then have them act as stand-in. Or get Auspex 5 Possession power. V5 really screws with lasombra when it comes to Tech.

            In V20 its a bit easier as has already been mentioned. There its more a ST call if the clan curse also affects digital cameras etc or not. Also removing all mirrors and mirrored surfaces from the camera's view is a good idea, so the question of "why is there no reflection of you there" doesn't come up.

            Also Technology or Computers would be the skill I'd go for here, Craft is more physical stuff in my opinion