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Help me flesh out my Jihad (V5)

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  • Help me flesh out my Jihad (V5)

    I am going to start a new V5 game in January set in the Bay area. I have decide to do a sort of Chicago 1e setup with two ancient methusalehs playing our their age old grudge with the city as the pawn. On one side I will have a nosferatu who traveled with Alexander the Great into India. On the other side a Ravnos who was the recipient of that assault. Their age old struggle has stretched across many cities. Now the Nosferatu has settled their brood in San Francisco but the Ravnos has lain dormant under Alcatraz since the week of nightmares. Now she begins to stir again and their old dance continues.

    What I need is to fill in some cool history and plot ideas that I can seed my city with! How might a nosferatu and a Ravnos go to war?

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    Proxies. Proxies of the proxies. Those proxies have minions who themselves have minions.

    Love the back story of the two methuselahs, very interesting, cool mix of history and setting, and super interesting clans to pit against one another.

    Both of them having animalism and obfuscate is going to make for a complex dance where they are more than likely evenly matched. Neither is likely to gain the upper hand with respect to spying using either of those avenues. One side would be an information gathering powerhouse due to clan ties while the other would be impossible to pin down or anticipate. My guess is that there will be a lot of shadow boxing. That, or it will play out like a cold war spy thriller.

    I would imagine it comes down to who in the city is being manipulated by which ancient, and if anyone is even aware that this is going on. Nosferatu broods can get very paranoid of elders that are bordering into millenia, and the Ravnos is likely to be unwelcome or a target of opportunity for diablerie depending on how humane or opportunistic the other licks are.

    Are you running with the history that the Cam and the anarchs were kicked out by the Cathayans until recently? That could leave a lot of open territory for younger kindred to get duped in by one side or the other (or both). Is the city a cam domain, and anarch barony, or up for grabs wild west style? How is the Nosferatu staving off the beckonging, or did they leave for a time and come back? Does the Nos know their nemesis survived the week of nightmares? How? Is the nosferatu present at the beginnning, or are there other kindred left in pace to watch and wait?

    I'd set up everything up to your elders showing up and divy up important NPCs for them to use as pieces in their game, but not too many until your PCs are filled out.


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      I think thats a great Idea. I think I will steal conspiramids from nights black agents and create a massive proxie net for each side and let the two sides fight against each other. I just cut the cathayans out and made it a camarilla anarch story. I stole some NPCS from San Fran by night but im essentially rewriting the rest from scratch.


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        RAW the Ravnos Clan Bane would in the long run destroy the elder...
        But you could just rule, that it keeps her in torpor by bruning her again, again. She needs help to get out, but can oly use animals, illusions and emotions to guide any would be rescuer to her lair.
        Meanwhile the Nosferatu knows that she is somewhere on Alcatraz (But thanks to her Illusions is anable to pin her down) and tried to keep anyone out of it. Thus she needs to rally an Army / Champions to fight of the NosssiĀ“s minions.

        Both used Animals heavily - which is confusing to their respective minions.

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