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    Originally posted by Muad'Dib View Post
    While Technocracy might indeed seem thematically appropriate, there are plenty of Tradition Mages who might consider Vampires to be viable targets for hostile actions.
    Tradition mages do hate and fight vampires. There's a whole Mage module about this (Blood Treachery). But they can't do it in the way or with the resources the Technocracy has at its disposal. If you look at how the Second Inquisition is presented it's only logical to think about how the Technocracy could have engineered it. The same is not true for any of the traditions.

    The whole Second Inquisition plot actually makes sense if it is the Technocracy that the Vampires are facing, rather than some members of intelligence agencies who passed around a glorified e-mail chain.
    Keep in mind the Second Inquisition is not just composed of special operations soldiers and spy agencies operatives. It also incorporates the Society of Leopold which has the knowledge and the supernatural means to threaten supernaturals. This still works with the idea the Technocracy is behind it after all because the Technocracy originally had deep links with Christianity (the Cabal of Pure Thought also known as the Gabrielites) and while it's true they rejected them who's to say they didn't keep some of these lines of communication just in case? If the Second Inquisition actually is a technocratic project meant to rid reality and the consensus of hematovores (which in technocratic spiel are still reality deviants) it would have made sense to get those state agencies and military organizations in contact with the Society of Leopold, arming them with another weapon to get the task done while not draining the technocratic resources (which are vast but not infinite and which the Technocracy prefers to invest elsewhere).