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Question about Baal Caress (Quietus 4), Masquerade 20th

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  • Question about Baal Caress (Quietus 4), Masquerade 20th

    Hi everyone

    First of all sorry about my english.

    I have a question about Quietus 4, Baal caress. In the book does not say what happend when you dont use transmuted points of blood in a weapon. I just want to know how much last these transmuted points. I checked google for an answer before asking here but I only found one post about this on reddit, they said that is up to the storyteller but it should not last more than a scene. However my storyteller says that these points are eternal and the effect last untill the end of times. But I think that this is wrong since if its like that another vampires could kidnap and dominate an assamite to milk these points from him.

    So what do you think guys?

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    I'm pretty sure unused points are lost at the end of scene and become inert or just dissolve into nothingness.


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      Come on guys I need more replies on this. I want to know your opinion.


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        Quietus isn't the best written discipline.

        RAW, it seems like it could be indefinite, and at the end there's "For this reason, many vampires choose to coat their weapons with a significant quantity of blood" suggesting they stockpile it. This also makes it quite comparable to 'Burning blade", a level 2 ritual, which also lasts until it's used rather than a period of time.

        Alternatively looking at the book, I think Quietus poisons, as products of vitae, last just as long as vitae does outside the body. If it is permanent, perhaps the -it's still kinda vitae- thing keeps Assamites from stockpiling the poison en-mass, because thaumaturges could take advantage of the poison.

        A lot of powers end with 'till the next sunrise' if that's more your boat.

        You could also look at the storyteller's vault for more comprehensive Quietus rules on a pay-what-you-want scheme... eh... Why do I feel guilt?
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