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Chronicle in Buenos Aires

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  • Chronicle in Buenos Aires

    I was flirting with the idea of story telling a chronicle set in this city. Aer there any boos I should read or inspirational material? Has anyone ever set a Chronicle there?

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    You could make it about what happens when Callisti left BA. Where are her trophies, who graps the power!
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      I've been writing the setting for Storytellers Vault for a while (though really slowly).

      The only known sources for the city are Alexandra/Callisti & Callisto as Prince from Clanbook Toreador 2nd ed, and the short paragraphs from A World of Darkness 2nd ed, then Alexandra is mentioned again in Victorian Age Companion. She is described as countless millennia old by Rebekah in Children of the Night and that makes her one of the most interesting kindred there is.

      The city is rather new from an eurocentric point of view, but it does house prosperity from the 20th century and massive population from the 21st. It is an really interesting place to exploit if done right.

      I'd suggest to ignore the Drowned Legacies from V20 and V5 since until we get a sourcebook on that. Whatever we write on it might be misplaced when (if) they ever get an in-depth description.

      If you want I can give you a hand with the setting.

      - Saga
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