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Summon, Presence lvl 4 question.

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  • Summon, Presence lvl 4 question.

    So recently my group got into a discussion of this power, and I found that I had been playing it wrong for a long time now and I can't for the life of me understand why. The power states you just need to have met the target previously, but somehow in my head I had it that you needed a name to call the person you wish to Summon, even if it's not their real name. I looked as far back as the 2e rules, and even looked up the MET version, which, while it had more detail on the power, also went with the "met" requirement. Is this just some house rule I absorbed somewhere, or am I a victim of the Mandela Effect? (Which, as an aside, would be a great Dementation power, lol).

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    As far as I remember, you just need to meet someone.
    This is Presence. You just attract someone to you and they start coming towards you.


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      That's what I keep finding every place I check, so yeah, I've been Mandela Effected I guess.


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        We always played with meet but not "just met". Summoning implies, that the victim wants to find YOU. Thus names are not necessary, but the victim needs to have conciously met the vampire and have to remember meeting them, like formally introduced, had a small chat while buying groceries, yelled at the asshole that bumped into them last night or was affected with Awe before, or the anonymous feeding victim from some nights past.

        That´s the reason why Toreador, Setites or Brujah like to meet new people.

        Passing casually a security guard or beeing at the same party but just without rembering each other does not count.

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          Did you ever puse my homebrew rules set? (Or play on one of the MUSHes from which it partially derived?)

          We use a set of rules for disciplines called "Power Modifiers." One of the modifiers for Presence is "Personal" which requires the following:

          The power user must know the target personally to use this power. This requires a minimum of: having met the target, held a conversation with the target for at least five minutes, and knowing a name the target commonly uses (even if it is not the real name).


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            It's possible it was a houserule someone I played with used, and it just sort of stuck with me. Or some jerk Mage figured out how to edit reality when I wasn't looking.