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Is this malkavianesque?

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  • Is this malkavianesque?

    Hello everyone
    Me and my friends are new to vtm and I don't want them to get the wrong idea about malkavians.
    My plan is to get them to investigate a series of kidnappings (as well as other things) that seem to be related with the Sabbat. In reality it is the plan of a malkavian to make everyone in the city think that the Sabbat is about to start a siege.

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    What's the Malk's goal in all of this? What do they achieve by priming everyone's defenses against a Sabbat invasion that isn't coming?


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      Maybe it's that holistic kind of thing malks are supposed to do; -Prepare for the Sabbat, when there is no Sabbat, so that when the Sabbat do come with their Total-Surprise attack the city is armed to the teeth and ready-

      More reasonably, perhaps the malkavian knows exactly what person A,B and C will do if a seige comes, and wants to take advantage of this knowledge; Damage their properties while they're hunkering down or fleeing.
      Or you could have the Malkavian claim to have nuetralized the imaginary threat to claim credits.

      Or, you know, he could just be insane and doing this shit so that everyone else gets on the same page as him and shares his delusions. That's the most 'malkavian' thing, really. Convince everyone else about 5g so that you're not the only nutter concerned about 5g....

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        It could also be a political ploy. The Malkavian intends to arrange for a high ranking Camarilla vampire arrive, and then reveal the "forthcoming siege" to be a false flag operation. If any of the city's major players have insufficiently prepared for a Sabbat siege, they will lose face, either for incompetence or for having not taken a threat to the city seriously. If the city's defenses are well built, though, it's a credit to the city for having done its due diligence.

        Who knows? Maybe the high ranking Camarilla member gave the Malkavian their marching orders in this regard. The ruse was a test to determine the abilities of the local Kindred.

        Another possibility: the Malkavian is aware that something is coming to the city. But either they don't know the full nature of the threat, or it would be politically unpopular to even discuss what the danger is (ex: something related to Noddism). In either case, the Malkavian knew they couldn't be forthright, lest their warning become a Cassandra truth. But most everyone in Kindred society takes the threat of Sabbat incursion seriously. Getting the local Kindred on a war footing is better than no preparation at all.


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          It could be a "prank". The local leader is abusing power or something along those lines and the Malkavian wants to knock them down a peg or 2. Setting up a false Sabbat attack could shift into the political ploy Bluecho mentioned by having word get out that the local regent isn't doing their job and draws in an official from the ivory tower.


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            Thanks, you gave me a lot to think about. I decided to make it somewhat of a political ploy to disrupt the status quo of the city and break some alliances.
            By the way sorry for answering so late, I made the post during holidays and then dove head first into exams and this kind of went out of my mind.


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              Alternatively, the Malkavian could be a Sabbat convert or infiltrator, and their plan is to demoralize and inflict fatigue in the Cams as a precursor to a siege. City goes on war footing, nothing happens. The lower ranks get pissed at the elders and Primogen, and the elders and Primogen get pissed at the Prince, and everyone starts looking for scapegoats. Unrest happens, and while the Cams' fangs are at each other's throats for the obvious intelligence fuckup, then the Sabbat hits.