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  • Question about Hardestadt

    Does anyone know what book mentions Hardestadt becoming more possessive of the Camarilla, acting sometimes as though it was his, and even going to far as to dominate one of the other Inner Circle members to be quite (may have been to sit down) during a meeting? Also, which Inner Circle member was it that he dominated?

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    Never heard about any of that. He kinda disappears after founding the Camarilla and appearing in 1666 as far as I can tell.
    What I can remember is he appears in 1444 in Giovanni Chronicles part 1, 1666 in part 2, and then I think only in 2012 (or something close) in the Convention of Prague where his head is blown off by Theo Bell.
    Nothing indicates any of the members of the Inner Circle have more control than the others. Although I imagine in this time between his death and the foundation of the sect that his opinion was the most respected and with weight. But hey, the Inner Circle is one of those big Nobody Fuking Knows, so it could go any way.

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      I can't remember anything of the sort either. Hardestadt was a pretty mysterious 5th gen elder who also was one of the main monarchs during the so called "War of Princes" (basically what happened among Vampiric echelons in Europe and the Levant after the fall of Costantinople to the latin crusaders). In DA:Vampire it's mentioned he was one of the most renowned Ventrue elders and that Mithras himself considered him one of his main rivals. There's some more stuff about him (like he being so arrogant that he never revealed who his sire was because, as far as he was concrened, his lineage started with himself and no other vampire was as important in the history of the race of Caine)
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        I'll third not remembering that from anywhere. Hardestadt (the Younger) is also a pawn.

        In Giovanni Chronicles, Jadviga Almanov participates in the Conspiracy of Isaac with the support of some unnamed Ventrue elders. Hardestadt is sent to stop Almanov and risk his own unlife... by those same Ventrue elders, so they can reap the rewards of backing the winning side either way.

        These are not the actions of a vampire who's a puppet master. I always figured the Inner Circle consisted of real deal methuselahs, and next to them, Hardy Jr. is pretty young. He's just the face guy who gets the credit for having founded the Camarilla.

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          I don't recall any mention of such thing happening. Though it is implied that he is the sole responsible of the whole sect through the Giovanni Chronicles, Transylvania Chronicles and during the revised era.

          Hardestadt the Younger (6th generation) is the main protagonist in the short spread on pg. 27 of Vampire the Masquerade revised where he bonds all his brother and sisters in blood when he takes the mantle of "Hardestadt" after their sire, High Lord Hardestadt (5th generation), perished.

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