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    Some threads should get a Noddist Seal for the level of arcane lore-ledge the people show, digging deeper than Nosferatu.

    But I got to wonder, V5 Ministry, especially the Church of Set from Cults of the Blood Gods, show some really interesting sides of the Setites that were for much time obscure or simply "the evil cult of non-Caine worshipers of evil things that do evil things", and I always wondered why they were treated any different from the Baali, but now I see them much more elegantly. Also, they summom the spirit (wraith I think) of the general, who attacked and made them have the exodus from Egypt, every year (or maybe decade) just to torment him, which is kind of funny and creepy. So they do have some time of necromancy of some sort, even if only ritualized. Makes me think... if Set/Typhon could contact his Church, would he? And what would he order them to do?

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      Just got to glance at this, but Anubis was far older then Charon, and implied to be the oldest Ferryman. Originally in the Gehenna Book an author was going to reveal Anubis as the Ghost of Abel but that’s was cut but it’s a really cool idea.


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        Originally posted by Banu_Saulot View Post
        Makes me think... if Set/Typhon could contact his Church, would he? And what would he order them to do?
        His Church certainly tried contacting him, and in the old Gehenna book there were two wildly different scenarios when they succeeded, which in light of the notion of Set and Typhon being 2 different Cainites that ate each other, suddenly make a lot more sense:

        1. The Setites contact Set in the Underworld and try to bring him back... and fail, for he is deader than dead. He does, however, wish for his Followers to join him. The vast majority of them [are compelled to] commit suicide right then and there, and IIRC those that are prevented from doing so are horrendously depressed and listless. From the idea that this is a 2-man show, this is probably actual Set, severed from his own body by [Typhon].

        2. The Setites, led by at least one of their Methuselahs, manage to bodily resurrect their founder... who looks upon his 'followers', promptly declares them unworthy, and starts eating any he can catch. If one of these two had to be [Typhon], the metaphorical serpent devouring their own tail here sounds the most likely.
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          Things I have come across since I last posted here:

          The Ventrue Clanbook, revised, accuses Set of having diablerized an Antediluvian in the Second City "cut out and ate her dead heart" They do, however, peg Arikel as the victim and the Toreador Antediluvian has clearly been active since. The phrasing is interesting in relation to how the Setites say Set cut out and ate the Heart of Apep. It seems possible they got the name wrong or distorted over the millennia.

          Lore of the Clans has a Setite origin tale, one of three, that flat-out states that he was embraced by Ennoia as a Gangrel.

          Thinking about it a lot of Sets Childer has visual representations in Egyptian art, and they are all portrayed as having severe cases of animal features.