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[V20 Lore of Clans/Bloodlines] Combination Disciplines and Clan merits

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  • [V20 Lore of Clans/Bloodlines] Combination Disciplines and Clan merits


    Are the Combination Disciplines and/or the Clan merits in the Lore of Clans/Bloodlines selectable only by the the respective clans?

    I could see Tzimisces with many of the Nosferatu merits for example, and the Tremere combination disciplines will not be out of place for some Giovanni, Setites, or Assamites; or the Giovanni combination disciplines fit to the the Harbingers of Skulls too.

    Thanks for the time and attention.

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    Combination Disciplines aren't, though finding teachers could be extremely difficult (esp. if it involves one of the rarer Disciplines).

    Merits? That's more of a ST call unless the Merit is very specifically worded about it. There's no reason they need to be exclusive just because they're in the section for one group, but lots of STs will still treat it that way; and in many cases with just cause.


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      Of course you can use another clan's merit/combo discipline in the vast majority of cases. Some of the combo disciplines/merits in LotC are actually identical to CD/M used by other clans in 2e/ revised era books. For example I believe both the Ravnos and Toreador have a mechanically identical merit for resisting Presence/emotional manipulation. I'd laugh you out of the room if you thought the Ventrue couldn't use 'lasombra' merits like 'bigger boys came' or 'long term planning' (eyes of shadow... I wouldn't let lasombra use that, at least at the higher levels, way too strong) or Toreador merits like indelible.

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