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On the subject of instant translation

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  • On the subject of instant translation

    So I've been bombarded with advertisements for the Mass Effect remaster, which reminds me of the instant translation implant that, as the name suggest, translates other languages into the language of the individual with the implant. Exuivalents of this can be found in other sci-fi, but what I want to know is if there's an equivalent to be found in vampire.

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    Not really. I think the closet thing is the second power of the Path of Ashes which let's you communicate with any spirit (the dead ones, not the werewolf kind), no matter the language the spirit uses/used.


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      the only thing i can think of is the blood sorcery 'eyes of babel' ritual


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        Auspex would be the best bet, I think there is a power for written language, and Telepathy goes right to translation though you are not "normal speaking". The Giovanni and Ravnos Clan novels both have good examples of Telepathy breaking the language barrier.


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          In one of the books and editions (bugger me if I remember which) "universal translator effect" is pegged as an Auspex 6 power. Auspex 4 could work with it given how people tend to internally visualize when communicating, and inflection/emotion/body language plays in, but I'd require a dramatic success bare minimum and likely some secondary roll for interaction between characters with wide cultural divides. Or, if a player is hellbent for leather on it, allow it as a variant to Auspex 4 or 5, more likely 5 than 4.

          But probably the best-fit would be to make it a combination discipline. Auspex 4 definitely, but you could make a case for the second power to be Obfuscate (on account of it being mind trickery), Dominate (due to it being communicative and non-verbal cues/commands being viable for Dominate in V20+), or Presence (given aforementioned statements about less-conscious communication such as inflection, emotion, and body language), at level 3.