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[V20/V20DA] Chimerstry Combination Discipline

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  • [V20/V20DA] Chimerstry Combination Discipline

    Hi fellas, fist of all, english isn't my first language so forgive my misspelling mistakes.
    Here it goes.
    I need a little help to create a Chimerstry combination discipline. I already know Heart's Desire and it's helping my character a lot with he's shenanigans, but something nice happened and I learned Dementation up to 3 when I diablerized a fish malk who was a pain in my character #$#.
    So I was reading and I think both disciplines like each other, like a complement to one another.
    Here's my question, can you guys help me with combos with these two disciplines?
    Oh btw, and a combo discipline also with Dominate and potence (Like making them feel the pain of the attacks over and over again or one wich simulates a command from within he's mind instead of saying out loud to everyone hear and say "Hey, did you saw that? He dominated that guy in front of everyone, soooo ewwww..."kind of stuff that annoys any dominate user.
    My ravnos is a Dance with Knives one, yeah that old way to make a shilmulo. But not from the tsurara family of course XD.
    Ps.: Gipsy Danger is here baby!
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