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Chicago by Night 5E and Cults of the Blood Gods adventure hooks

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  • Chicago by Night 5E and Cults of the Blood Gods adventure hooks

    Hey folks,

    I thought it would be fun to do a list of adventure hooks for Chicago by Night 5th Edition, The Chicago Folio, and Let the Streets Run Red. Basically, the only qualification is that it incorporates characters or scenarios for one of the three supplements.

    If you want to throw in any for Cults of the Blood Gods too, then that's also something I encourage.

    Go wild.

    Author of Cthulhu Armageddon, I was a Teenage Weredeer, Straight Outta Fangton, Lucifer's Star, and the Supervillainy Saga.

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    In my current Chronicle, Milwaukee is slowly becoming another hotbed for Kindred cult-based conflicts (on top of the Kindred-Lupine War). Arjun Shaw (who may or may not be Mithras in some capacity) has just moved into the city and is starting to prove his worth to Prince Decker while working on setting up a branch of the Cult of Mithras while an already established "Chi Chi" Villalobos is slowly spreading the word of the House of Lilith out of the nightclub she's been running.


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      How about one that throws them all together? The Hecata are coming back to Chicago, negotiating with Jackson and the Primogen to let them back into the city. As a result, the Hecata have gotten a probationary status in the city in exchange for support in dealing with some local foes, whether that be Anarch, Lupine, Sabbat, SI or something else altogether. If the PCs are Hecata, they've been tasked with dealing said manner with the eyes of their Elders and the Prince on them. If they're Cam, they're tasked with observing the Hecata and making sure they don't try anything. Or potentially tasked with sabotaging them. If they're Anarchs, they're on the receiving end of it, part of Jackson's task for the Hecata and must deal with them, whether that be through violence or cutting their own deal with them.

      Another one, Ballard has secretly agreed to have his mortal family become a new minor family within the Giovanni. Unfortunately for both, one of Ballard's rivals has found out and is attempting to blackmail the Ventrue. The coterie has to find out who it is and deal with them before it gets out.

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        Here's some of the ones I've sketched out for a possible Chicago Chronicle.

        Return of the King: Lodin has made his miraculous return to the courts of Chicago and has already assumed a position as the Keeper of Elysium. Kevin notes that this Lodin knows a lot that the old one does and is certainly arrogant enough to be the real deal but has also been doing his own investigation of "Olaf One Eye." He sends the PCs to discreetly check him out. In truth, the returned Lodin is Walter Nash imitating the Prince with the aid of a Tzimisce defector. Olaf One Eye actually finds his sanity briefly returning out of sheer OUTRAGE at the pretender.

        If Olaf encounters Nash, he will diablerize him and perhaps actually heal his fractured mind. However, he will immediately become a pariah that Kevin Jackson will declare a Blood Hunt for. Yet, there are plenty who would side with the Old Prince over the new.

        The Death of Lucian: The 2000 year old Roman Gangrel, Lucian, is believed to have been Beckoned and few paid any attention to his death. However, the Wolf Pack has recently received word that he might have been murdered. Circumstantial evidence indicates that he might have been killed by the Anarchs and someone is setting up Arthur Caldwell, a known diablerist, as the likely suspect. Is it Maxwell? The Second Inquisition? Both of which seem far more likely to have killed a Methuselah, however high his generation. Maybe he really was Beckoned. Arthur would like the PCs help in proving his innocence but knows guilt is often irrelevant. And maybe, just maybe, Arthur *did* diablerize Lucian and is just mad enough to be uncontrollable by the ancient's spirit.

        Dead Woman's Party: Allicia has decided to once more resume Modius' New Years Eve parties at the former Governor's mansion, having spent a substantial amount of her lovers' salaries rebuilding the place. She actually intends to revive the place as a country club for vacationing Chicagoans. However, the party goes as badly as it can with a murder in the Agatha Christie sense. Is it Modius, having escaped and incensed by his childer's actions, or a Camarilla agent trying to disrupt the new Baron's first upper-crust social gathering. Is Sullivan Dane at work?

        Author of Cthulhu Armageddon, I was a Teenage Weredeer, Straight Outta Fangton, Lucifer's Star, and the Supervillainy Saga.