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  • V5 thin blood merits

    Hi all - a few questions I've been chewing over regarding thin blood merits (v5 p183 - 184)

    Day drinker. "Sunlight...removes your vampiric abilities, including all Disciplines." So this is a new curse, replacing the old one - unless I'm wrong, other vampires can e.g. activate celerity as they burn through the lobby.

    - Sunlight - not daytime. Can I use my powers during daytime if I'm totally shielded from sunlight, as in an underground comedy club with no windows?

    - what if I'm in a totally dark basement, but my target isn't? Can I summon someone with presence 4, if they're out sunbathing?

    - if I use presence 2 to create a blood doll, do they no longer feel that way after dawn? If I have Catenating Blood, do my thralls only obey me at night? I suspect not. BUT-

    - if I pop obfuscate a little before dawn, will it stay for a scene or will I become visible once the sun strikes me?

    - "sooner or later you'll need to sleep." Why? Is it mortal tiredness, and mortal sleep? Or creepy dead daysleep?


    - I can eat. Can I get fat? Can I starve to death? Sure, the vampire resets every night...unless he also has day drinker. Then, does he reset to embraced levels of adiposity whenever he actually sleeps?

    - do I age? Again, if in conjunction with day drinker.

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    daydrinker just changes the effects of sunlight, so if you're out of the sun it does nothing (it specifically states that if you go down due to the health restrictions you go back to normal when you're clear of sunlight and not at nightfall. so it's safe to assume that counts for the other effects as well)

    lifelike states that you can do these things, not need to. so i'd say no to either


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      To my understanding - Day drinker affects the vampire directly when hit by sunlight. But would not affect ongoing effects like thralldom or persistent effects of Dominate etc.
      Thus if the day walker is not in sunlight - their abilities function as normal.

      - imho it´s just lifelike, but not living - can eat food, but it does not nourish the thin blood, nor do they age.
      -- but if it fits your flavour of cronicle - why not?

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        To be honest I would go with what the people here are saying. Sun tends to destroy vampiric magic, and the power in their blood, it is shown in many cases, especially in Blood Sorcery and the powers in the Blood.
        But to be honest Day Drinker for me is kinda bullshit. I mean, the two most important points about being a vampire are that you must drink blood to survive and the sun kills you. There shouldn't be a permanent way, barring something absolute and conclusive like Golconda (which might not exist), to go out in the sun all okay. If they let you get the first rays of the sun (dawn) and the last rays of it (dusk) for one hour each without damage (I'd still call for a expenditure of 1 willpower point) that would be nicer, I think. It let Thinbloods have the clear advantage, and experience The Feel of The Sun, even if briefly, which some vampires would kill dozens for. I haven't seen one player who played as a Thinblood and didn't get this Merit, because why wouldn't you really. Thinbloods are cool, but they got way too much of a boost.

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          Eh, it basically allows you to play with the original Dracula's weakness. That seems like a good option to me.