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Coterie weapon enhancements for a V20 setting?

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  • Coterie weapon enhancements for a V20 setting?

    I'm a ST and player in a V20 set game. I have a Malkavian player that has a standard, run of the mill metal bat as her signature weapon. As part of her insanity, she believes the bat is alive and is talking to her, giving her information. She treats the bat as a close friend and confidant. My character is also a Malk, but has gained quite a bit in Thaumaturgy. What are some Tremere tricks that could be used to make the baseball bat a more dangerous weapon? I'm flashing on a trick that could turn things like a bat into a flaming bat and so. Did I get that right?

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    other than burning blade
    you can ward the bat. Ghouls at 2, lupines/fey at 3, vampires at 4, spitits at 5
    you can also use spirit thaumaturgy to shove a spirit into it and make a fetish. Thats level 4.

    bit expensive to do it OoC really. 4 thaum is usually too much for a malk.

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      Realtalk, also: Since this baseball bat is a close friend and confidant, would the bat accept that magical experimentation be done on it? If I were a baseball bat, I would be pissed off that my weilder thought I was weak.

      Furthermore, I believe Carthage should be destroyed.


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        I'd skip the Thaumaturgy and just install a Machete blade into the damn thing. If you have resource 5 you can coat it in premium.


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          Clearly she is mad and the best way you can help her is to make her see the world more clearly in the way only a fellow Malkavian can.
          Take the bat away and hold it hostage/threaten it/swap it for an identical one until she realises that voices in your head don't come from baseball bats, but from God/sky fairies/a deeper understanding of nature. After all, if you don't then eventually someone or something else will do best to get it over and done with in controlled conditions.

          Other than that wards are the first thing that spring to mind as MyWifeIsScary says above. Can't think of anything that would make it burst into flames.