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(DAV20) Fighting flying vampires

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  • (DAV20) Fighting flying vampires

    My group is soon about to pick a fight with a Tzimisce who has the power "Chriroptean Marauder", and is likely to use said power during our battle. Before you ask - yes, it is necessary we kill this guy. We all agree we don't really want to, but politics being what they are we are left with very few alternatives.

    Some background:
    - The Tzimisce is a metamorphosist, who focuses all their time and effort into personal evolution. They don't keep a fleshcrafted army, since the upkeep of such a thing would take time and resources from their ascension plans. They control their lands via a childe, and some revenants.
    - The fiend spends most of their days and nights in a remote cathedral. Fighting them in here would limit their ability to fly around too much, but it's also a black box of unknown factors.
    - We are a bit hamstrung for resources, since we technically are acting outside the law on this one. Our lord can't officially aproove, but still very much wants it done. So we can't expect any reinforcements.

    The group consists of a Gangrel (Max Protean, good with animalism, decent fighter), a Brujah (juggernaut with a greatsword), a Lasombra (Max obtenebration, some basic abyss mysticism), a Ventrue (Max Presence, has potence, celerity and auspext at basic levels), and a Malkavian (Max Auspex, good with a bow).

    Any tips, tricks, unconventional tactics, or other nonsense to start the creativity would be much appreciated.

    Furthermore, I believe Carthage should be destroyed.

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    A big weighted net would be useful. And a very good looped rope that allows you to lasso its neck or other appendage so that you can tether the creature. You also need fairly powerful missile weapons just in case. But ideally, you would want to approach him before he changes form, perhaps under some guise where he would not expect an attack, and bind him before he ever has a chance to transform and fly away. Best to select a place of battle that is an enclosed area and doesn't have a space large enough for egress that would allow escape. Try to minimize that, and quickly block any off in early stages of combat.

    But a lot depends on how the ST will define Chiropteran Form and its power of flight. Ripping holes in any giant bat wings should prevent flight because physics will not support it. But applying physics to any gigantic bat form that weighs as much as a man already stretches things, so maybe the ST doesn't care about "realism" or doesn't want to figure out rules of how such targetted hits work in combat. But since vampires can heal damage anyway, you would want such damage to be aggravated so holes could not be quickly repaired.

    The Presence power of Summon could potentially be used, but many STs dislike that use of it to kill vampires, and there may be various complications in making it work. You might bring an entire coterie or army of ghouls following the entrance vampire even if it works.

    That's where I would start.


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      Tracking an elder Tzimisce to its lair to pick a fight with it... what could go wrong?

      Rather than plan to confront it indoors on its own turf with who knows how many unpleasant surprises in store, I'd recommend luring it outside and bringing lots of arrows, maybe with lines attached so you can anchor it to trees or other sturdy objects and prevent escape. At least there if it summons an army of vermin you can see it coming and act accordingly.


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        Drop the society of Leopold an anonymous tip that you've found another one.
        That seems to be all the rage these days .
        Or find another way to hit it during the day and force it to waste resources, or ideally change location to fend off mundane issues before you turn up.

        Can you trap it indoors? Would need planning and a way to lure it into your windowless, sealed entrance kill box, but it gets rid of the flight issue.
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          Sounds like you've got a macho-fighter party eager to fight a 'boss' Either the Lasombra suprises the guy with extra-long arms of the Abyss, or the Brujah grapples the dude out of the sky.

          Pike'n shot/ Pike and Crossbow ghouls would be helpful, but too defensive. The Tzmisce can fly away (though RAW, their flight speed is very slow for a flying creature)

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            When you say "maxed" disciplines, given this is dark ages, are you talking level 6 powers?

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              Originally posted by jamiemalk View Post
              When you say "maxed" disciplines, given this is dark ages, are you talking level 6 powers?
              Nah, just lvl5. We are one generation below advanced disciplines (I suspect as an incentive to diablerize and get us into shenanigans).

              Furthermore, I believe Carthage should be destroyed.