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On the subject of Testing for Clan

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  • On the subject of Testing for Clan

    Is there an example in the lore for a means to determine a Vampires Clan?

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    Tremere thaum path of blood Dot one, they also have the blood walk ritual


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      1. Ask Tremere to use a level 2 ritual "Blood Walk". Path of Blood 1 "A Taste of Blood" does not reveal the clan of the subject.
      2. Ask them to recite their lineage as far as they can. Find someone in that chain and ask them to verify. Vampires only have 9 generations. Someone in the city is guaranteed to have a friend who was a friend of one of those ancestors.
      3. For young vampires, you can narrow down their clan by which disciplines they have manifested.
      4. Some clans have easily testable curses and you can go through those in a list. This is unreliable - some curses manifest in unrelated vampires, other curses you'd have to do scientific testing I don't believe most vampires would or can do. You can't just check that a suspected Brujah gets mad when spat on, you must do repeated experiments and compare the average number of times they lose their shit against the average number of times an equally composed vampire would lose their shit, and it's all very murky.


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        blood ritual "blood walk" or just check to see what abilities/flaws they have (the nos or lasombra flaw are very easily checked for)


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          I heard bloodwalk is not infalible. Similar bloodlines blend together; Baali and Salubri might show up as Tremere? I imagine Nagajara might pop up as Settites. I don't imagine a voice tells you "this guy's a Tremere" but rather you'll have to crossreference a sensation or something.

          You can also try the Bone of Lies.

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            I would say Clan Lore or Vampire Lore (which is probably better) would be an Occult Specialty. So I would say is something like Intelligence + Occult (Dif. 4, if you have little to work with but know the person; Dif. 3 if you know about older relatives of that vamp; Dif. 2 if their Bane was apparent), but mostly would say it isn't a 'this is it', more likely a 'probably this, or between these'. I'm thinking V5 mechanics, just for saying.

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