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V20 What's needed to dominate an entire state?

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  • V20 What's needed to dominate an entire state?

    So in my world the Giovanni civil war has lead them to Tennessee and out of Europe as the main stomping grounds.
    Assume they have relocated a large amount of the surviving family from human to ghoul and Kindred setting up a out of the way gated community/mini city with it's own private school and hospital system for the family, as well as dividing up the various territories. I'm looking for suggestions on how they would take and maintain control of such a large area as a state.

    With the Giovanni money isn't a obstacle so having a satellite or two for surveillance and running their own ISP to help secure communications is no problem as well as give them insight into the human population that uses the service, is a private encrypted cell phone system possible? I would think they would set up "free clinics" as well as morgues and blood banks to gain stocks of blood due to their clan flaw. It would be a good idea to infiltrate the local governments city councils, police forces, local news outlets they could possibly buy, then start grooming and running candidates for the higher offices as they build their power base, and even without a winning candidate they can push the winner with mundane money influence.

    Does it make sense to start up any other types of business on a state wide scale? Am I missing obvious things they should be doing?

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    Nah you're mostly on point. I think a satelite may be a bit excessive, but they can probably do it.

    1-Putting their relatives in power. (they are Giovanni of course, they have tons of family members lying around awaiting the sweet hands of nepotism to rise them up) Sherrifs are often elected, as are people who run town morgues. (This is general-america knowledge, i don't know about Tennessee specifically)
    2-Control local news outlets because of course.
    3- Gated communities are often going to have private security. Control that.
    4- Prisons are intensely desirable points of control.
    5- You can use radios relatively easily, and you can talk in code.
    6- Control a construction company. Not only is it extremely lucrative with all the government contracts you're giving them, but it's nice to build secretive structures and such and always getting the planning permision.

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      The construction company is a good idea for profit and as you say off blueprint modifications. For the gated community it would be Giovanni exclusive, I'm thinking along the lines of a Little Italy for the family, so the security would be Giovanni Ghouls in the Giovanni town, private school and hospital. Not sure of the rules but I feel a Ghoul using a random hospital the blood would get flagged. Is that contradicted anywhere or am I over thinking the normal tests on blood picking up something odd?