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Can you activate more than one power in a turn?

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  • Can you activate more than one power in a turn?

    Like if you want to grow claws and activate a Fortitude power in the same turn, can you?

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    It depends on the powers. There's nothing in the rules that disallows it flatly IIRC, so it comes down to:

    1) The text of the power (is it reflexive, instant, or described as more involved than that?).
    2) Your PCs ability to pay the costs in one turn (even if you have two Reflexive Disciplines, if they both cost vitae, and you can't spend that much per turn, you can't activate both).
    3) ST interpretations regarding any Disciplines that might logically interfere with each other (more likely in the social Disciplines than physical ones).


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      There doesn't seem to be rules for "vitae per turn" anymore, or at least I haven't found the rule if it exists.

      Edit: nevermind, there is a rule at the beginning of the Disciplines section that covers it.
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